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W1726 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac Baldwin McQuesten
Mar 30 1885
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten New York City
From: [Hamilton]

To Calvin B. McQuesten [Esq.] M.D.
New York City

I hereby authorize request and empower you to obtain from William Dunn also of New York all Books, Papers, Models, Machines, Implements for manufacturing of the patented articles and chattels whatsoever or wheresoever situate [sic] in the possession, custody or [??] or that at any time may so have been of the said William Dunn; and if not under his [??] but for the delivery up he may be in any way able to give you an order that he do give you such order; in any way pertaining to the following patents and articles manufactured and in course of manufacturing thereunder [sic]: namely:--

1. Letter Patent of the United States No. 213,637 for Improvement in Saw Setting [Setts] Machines
2. Letter Patent of the United States No. 8, 467 for Improvement in Car Couplings [Couplers]
3. Letter Patent of the United States No. 203,012 for Improvement in Seal Locks
4. Letter Patent of the United States No. 268, 203 for Improvement in Feed-Water Heaters for Steam Boilers1

and I hereby authorize and require the said William Dunn to deliver up, and should any transfer in writing be necessary to any such delivery to execute such transfer to you all and every of the aforementioned. And I hereby release the said William Dunn from any liability; which but for their order he might have incurred to me by reason of such delivery.2

Dated this 30th day of March A.D. 1885

I.B. McQuesten

1 In the 1870's Isaac became involved with Dunn financially, offering him support while he worked at patenting and selling train car couplers and various other machinery. He never made much profit and eventually agreed to repay Isaac the amount of $600 or else relinquish to him ownership of all patents and related materials that he had invested in. It appears that he did not in fact do so as Isaac and his brother Calvin Brooks considered suing him, but it is not clear whether or not a suit was launched (W2609, W2625, W2628, W2648, W2683, W1734, W1745, W1749). For more information about the McQuestens' business with Dunn, see W2554a.

2 Mr. Dunn frequently cancelled or rescheduled meetings, and a trunk containing the models had been delayed, possibly on purpose. For more on this situation, see W1728, W1749, W1751.

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