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[Written along the side of the first page:] ["I know" is crossed out] I think that Mrs. Steven's [??] address was East 41st St. last year.

[Written down side of second page:] Please send me yr photograph. The only time I ever saw you was in yr childhood a dear little boy of baby of 2 yrs.

W1095 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his aunt Lucy A. Lerned
Nov 13 1875
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, [New York]
From: Hopkinton, N.H. [New Hampshire]

My dear Calvin

Y'r letter duly rec'd we are all provoked that you give us no hopes of finding a better half for yrself--come and see our lonely New Hampshire lasses & then continue to live longer alone [sic] if you can--!

The paper was duly rec'd by Prof. E.L. Childs & [me??] this is recorded1--Would you believe that any one with human feelings w'd be willing to take much less, contend for dear Lissy's school money? Not a Christian person that knows the circumstances, but what is ashamed of the part played by the F's [Fletchers] & Edward.2 As to relics etc. we have but few--Y'r precious Mother gave me a Jet Ring containing my father's hair & brother Brooks hair & dates of their death--If you will get married I shall send it to y'rself--We have no coins save a few old silver dollars--Some Spanish--If I send you the dates, c'd you ascertain if they are of any value--(What is y'r taste in literature?) I am now going to ask a favour & hope it will be in y'r power to grant it at once--I want to find the present residence of my own Cousin Mrs. Calvin Stevens. She has been very ill & last fall they sold their home on 51st St--& boarded--Mrs. Stevens is almost if not totally blind--She has two daughters that I have never seen & one son entre nous. Now Mr. Stevens I expect is very wealthy (& very miserly)--His son Amory visited us six y'rs since with his mother, and we think very strange that our last two or three letters have not been ans'd [answered]--Will you "hunt them up" & let me know at once--They wrote to us several times last winter--I wish I could see the daughters who wrote us last from 109 East 31st St.

I perceive you use very nice paper.

Nothing tempts my covetous desires like nice stationery & yet I seldom feel that I can afford to use it--Occasionally I go to my best box of paper & then I feel that I must collect my thoughts & guide my pen carefully to make all correspond--So, I generally take any ordinary paper & fill my pages at random irrespective of the impression I may make on my friends (especially Bachelors)--I hope I do not quite shock y'r nice notions of letter writing.

My sisters desire love--(Are you a lover of long letters (--In haste--[sic]

Yr. aff. "Aunt" Lucy

1 See W1089.

2 See W1058, W1064, W1067, W1073 for more information and links.

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