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W1081 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his aunt Catharine C.P. Lerned
May 16 1875
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, No. 213 East 55th St., New York City
From: Hopkinton, N.H.

My dear Calvin,

We had a visit from Judge Perkins yesterday P.M. when your Quit claim Deed was read to us, & was then taken to Mrs. Flanders (by said Judge Perkins) who still claims a Portion of that small property, to which she has no right in justice or equity.1 Mrs. F. well knows that the signature of dear Lissie alone was wanting to have decided the question in our favor. Taking advantage of such a state of things, is as a trial Lawyer has remarked, almost equal to rifling the pockets of the dead. The Law as to rights of half heirs is not an English Statute; but I will not enter into further detail, lest I weary your patiense [sic].

We are still anticipating a genial sunny Spring-time; but Winter lingers and to-day, a good rousing fire is in requisition to keep one comfortable. We had service and Holy Communion at Church this A.M. and this evening, at 7 1/2 o'cl. I hope to attend service at Congregational, where there is much religious interest.

Do not forget that we would like a picture of the young "Dr." just as he is now; and that a most cordial welcome awaits you should you incline to visit our home. I would like to send a bouquet to your room, fragrant with perfume of double Hyacinths, in various hues. You once loved the garden, and I remember your wonderful stories of gardens you had not seen; but, with the "Lions and Bears," which you told of having killed, these all were pictured on your memory's canvas, and gilded imagination. May you conquer all your enemies, (should you ever have any such) and, at last, be transplanted to a garden of perpetual bloom, beyond the powers of time.

Sister Hannah seems only in tolerable health, having been much affected by death of dear Lissie, and our present trials. Sister Lucy coughs much,--is overcome with grief and the agony of suspense as to business affairs--all who have seen her fear the result of so great trials. May God soften the hearts of any who may persist in tormenting my suffering sister. And let me make on request, which I know will be granted. Please send up, on receit [sic] of this the letter Edward wrote you from Lockport Ill2--he read it to Lucy at the time but she will if wished return same in some future letter.

Accept much love, and write soon to

Your affectionate & sincere friend

C.C.P. Lerned

[P.S.] Monday Morning--Sister Lucy will go to Boston, soon as able to consult with Dr. G.M. [Shattuck??] (her physician) as to her cough and throat. Thus, can we not hear from you by return mail.

C.C.P. Lerned

1 Elizabeth (Lissy) Lerned, the sister of Lucy, Catharine, Hannah and Edward Lerned and half-sister of Louisa (Lerned) McAllaster, Margarette (Lerned) McQuesten and Mary (Lerned) Flanders had died suddenly on November 24, 1874 without leaving a will. Mary Flanders had been making claims on the estate of her half-sister to which Elizabeth's sisters protested. See W1058, W1064, W1067, and W1069 for more details about the conflict. For more on Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten's quit-claim deed see W1067, W1073, W1091, W1081.

2 See W1073.

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