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W1076 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his aunt Catharine C.P. Lerned
May 6 1875
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, 213 East 55th St. New York City
From: Hopkinton, N.H.

Dear friend Calvin,

Sister Lucy returned home yesterday 5th May; and being fatigued, as also, not in usual health, she wished me to write you, with reference to the quit claim Deed sent by Judge Perkins, 5th May. It may not be amiss to state that this Deed should be signed in presence of two witnesses, beside a Justice of Peace. We mention this, as such is according to laws of N.H. though not in some other States, and the fact may not be known to you.

Sister L. left home for Concord 8th May and on 15th May took cars (via Grand Truck railr.) for Chicago, Lockport, (Ill.) & Hamilton, Canada. Time being limited, and her health feeble, she did not enjoy the trip, as she could have done under other circumstances. In Hamilton, she had but twenty four hours, arriving Tues. A.M. about 11 o'cl. and leaving Wed. at same hour, for Boston, where she was detained till 11th. by illness, then came to Concord. [Lucy?], brought home a fine picture of your father; cabinet size--she wished she could have seen your own dear self. Perhaps you will sometime favor us with your presence at our home, in Hopkinton. Be assured of a cordial greeting from us, whenever you may incline to appear on [these?] premises. Sisters say I must ask if you cannot send us a Photo of yourself. I have a fine Ambrotype in handsome case, taken some [years?] but would like to see just how you look at present date. Accept many kind wishes and much love from,

Your sincere friend

Catharine C.P. Lerned

Hopkinton, N.H.
May 6th 1875

[P.S.] If Judge P. did not write the [B. & Brosky?], just inquire of some Lawyer, or Justice, as to having it added, to correspond with signature.

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