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W1054 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his aunt Mary E. [Lerned] Flanders
Mar 7 1875
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, [New York, New York]
From: Hopkinton, [New Hampshire]

My dear Calvin

It will be one year March 12th since I have heard from you. The only way I have answered your letter is by thinking I will write this very day, and then postpone it. Now I not only want to hear from you, but a have a little businefs [sic] to communicate which I wish you to consider perfectly confidential between the writer and the receiver of this sheet. You of course knew last Nov. of the death of Elizabeth T. Lerned,1 as the sister sent postal cards to all friends and relatives. I am informed by legal friends that the half sisters, or their heirs, are entitled to the same amount of property that own sisters are. you being the only heir of your mother, I thought I would just say to you, the 4th Tuesday in church is the day appointed by the Administrator for all to bring in their claims. I will enclose the piece cut from Concord papers then you can consult some legal friend as to how you must do. Perhaps your half aunts may have written on the subject. I am living near and they have never alluded to it to me. I am surprised Elizabeth did not make a will but as she did not it is nothing more than just for us to require what the law allows us. I think at the least calculation she was worth $2000 and may have been double that if her estate is settled honorably. You will please write me at once on the subject and if you know anything from them I would like to know what. Now Calvin this is a secret, but I must tell you, I have not had any communication with them since E's funeral save I called in them [sic] the day after the funeral to show my friendship and sympathy we had had some little trouble which might have been wiped away in times of death but they treated me so coldly then I have not been in there since, or they in here, so of course the businefs affairs have never been mentioned to me. Now you can see and act for yourself, you have an honest claim there and Judge Chase told me the heirs at a distance ought to be notified--and perhaps appear in person or by proxy at the next probate court, I do not know as to that, but you can ask advice and act accordingly--Please write very soon your mind [sic], I hope to see you here this coming summer, Have not as yet seen that Photograph you mentioned in your last letter, perhaps the extreme cold weather and deep snows have blocked it and it will come here in the summer with the original. When you write your father remember me to him I would like much to see him. Should your McAllaster cousins have a little windfall it would be very welcome. Louisa Jane and Lucy feel the need of it--No parents no home and no property2--Poor Louisa is quite an invalid. They live with their brother in Chicago. Hoping to hear from you soon

Very truly yours

Aunt Mary E. Flanders

[enclosed with letter:]

STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE-- MERRIMACK, S.S. The Judge of Probate for said County,3 to the Heirs at Law of the Estate of Elizabeth T. Lerned, late of Hopkinton in said County, deceased, and to all others interested therein.

You are hereby notified that Hamilton E. Perkins, Administrator of the Estate of said deceased, will exhibit his account of the administration of said estate, at a Court of Probate to be holden [sic] at Concord, in said county, on the fourth Tuesday of March next; when and where you may appear and show cause, if any you have, against the allowance of said account.

And it is ordered, That said Administrator give notice, by causing the foregoing Citation and this Order thereupon to be published, three weeks successively, in The People, printed at Concord, the last publication whereof to be at least one week before said Court.

Given at Concord in said County, this 19th day of February, A.D. 1875. By order, 35-3t

W.M. YEATON, Register.

1 Elizabeth (Lissy) Lerned, the sister of Lucy, Catharine, Hannah and Edward Lerned and half-sister of Louisa (Lerned) McAllaster, Margarette (Lerned) McQuesten and Mary (Lerned) Flanders had died suddenly and without a will. After Elizabeth's death, her Mary Flanders wrote to her nephew Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten asking him to assist her in making claims on Elizabeth's estate. Lucy Lerned, wrote to her brother-in-law Dr. Calvin McQuesten (Calvin Brooks' father) about the situation and asked for his help in blocking Mary's efforts. He agreed that Mary's claims were unjust and wrote to Calvin Brooks advising him not to assist the Flanders. For details see W1058, W1064, W1067.

2 Hugh McAllaster, the father of Alfred, Howard, Lucy and Louisa Jane McAllaster, was unable to provide for his family. He made a number of bad business decisions which kept his family struggling against poverty and would often move to a new city in hopes of making money. For more details, see W0889.

3 Many important words in this document other than official titles are capitalized which was, at the time, a typical thing to do.

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