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W1032 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his niece Hannah
Jul 24 1865
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten,
From: Derry [likely New Hampshire]

Dear Uncle

For the last few weeks we have been looking for you almost every day: I do not know as we here had any reason to expect you only it is about the season you usually come and we have wanted to see you so much.

When we wrote you last think I mentioned that we might sell this place: we have quite decided to sell it just as soon as we can get what we consider a fair price for it. Of course we shall feel very sadly to part with a place which has so long been a happy home to us, but even if we kept it it would never seem like the same home that it has [in?] past years; and it will not be well for either Mother or myself to stay here without one of my Brothers and this is no business place for any of them; could either of them remain in Derry we should rather stay here then [sic] go any where else but we would not want them to stay and just work the farm: our present plan is to go to Lowell that would seem more homelike for then any other place because we should be so near our friends in Dracutt and Jonas is now in business for himself and would like to have us come there and board him. Bennie has not yet got any place. I wish he could find something good to do in Lowell, but Jonas has not given very much encouragement unless he could get him a clerkship in the Post Office which is not very probable; there are no wholesale stores in Lowell and that is what he has rather thought of; pecuniarily we should I think be as well off to go to Lowell and board Jonas as to stay here, board is very high now and he would have a better home with us then he can have where he now boards.

We have not as yet succeeded in selling any of our property, this place is in the hands of a Land Broker and Jonas and Uncle Nath'l are trying to sell a piece of woodland on the Dracutt farm it is a good deal of care to sell so much property--or at least for one so young and inexperienced as Jonas. Uncle Nath'l thinks the farm in Dracutt would sell quite as well without the best woodland, that is, that we should get more for the whole place to sell separate and they have not as yet tried to sell the farm.

This Summer my own health has been very poor but I hope to grow stronger in the Fall. Mother is well as usual. She is not strong but her health is pretty good. Brothers are as well as usual.

We have not heard one word from your family in any way this season. Is Aunt at home or is she making her usual Summer trip.

Where is cousin Isaac suppose he is having his vacation. Does Calvin still remain at Washington, we should very much enjoy a visit from any or all of you. I need not tell you that we are very lonely, you very well know the vacant lonely feeling which death leaves in a house, it seems as though our friends never seemed so dear to us before. I do not want to ask you to come on, on our account but a visit from you would be very pleasant to us. Mother wishes to be remembered to you and Aunt also to the cousins. Give my love to all

Your affectionate niece


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