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W1017 TO MARGARETTE LERNED MCQUESTEN from her sister Mrs. Louisa Lerned McAllaster.
Jul 18 1840
To: Margarette Lerned McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: Louisa Lerned McAllaster Concord New Hampshire

Thermometer 99- 1 o'clock
Concord July 18th 1840

Then it seems dear Sis, you anticipate more pleasure from the reception of your sister's letters, than you give them from the perusal of yours- I doubt much whether it is so, all are delighted here when a letter from Aunt M. is announced- After attending a fine celebration 4th of July of the different Sabbath Schools & partaking of the Collection in the grove with about 12,00 parents, children & teachers how sweet to close the day by a letter from a dear absent sister. Such was my Independence- very different from the last, then you was one of our number & though no celebration then with banner & tables spread, we had the delights of seeing one another face to face. I know but little about Hopkinton to communicate, have not been there since May. Margarett [sic] is with me attending Mifs. [sic] Kirkwoods school- L. Jane the Academy- Mr & Mifs [sic] Clair, Sarah & Alfred district schools, in vestry South Church. So you see I send off a few "young ideas" to be taught- My health is very poor this summer, hardly off the bed some days, hope October will prove a favorable month for my increasing malady-I copied some of your letter to Sister Mary to inform both, I have not seen both since Christmas day, but frequently hear of her nervous dibility, pale faces improvidence as regards health, & are very much concerned about her, but she wrote me two days since in fine spirits full of joy at the prospect of being able to go to Canada. I think you will enjoy her society. I long to see her in a pious family & her one of the praying ones, her days I think will be short unlefs [sic] change of scene, air & thoughts can be changed. She is a good girl & I think is what she profefses [sic]- She has written thus for me to copy for your perusal on opposite page- I hope for her sake she will find the school & all ready for her. She is very anxious I know to do something for a living; place she is without honour, she feels it, she looks to go & husband to give her a little help, in point of influence with the people in your Province and town- I do not think you will have come to regret it, if you make some strenuous efforts in her behalf-I do not think them very happy at home- Mother nervous, children not what a mother ought to find them at all times, though him to her yes all think better to rule than serve- Hannah has been with me now 5 weeks, she is rather set at times and worries Mother day & night, does not see any on account of eyes & is not what Hannah used to be- Mary thinks she has met with a disappointment as she is at times very unhappy & will stay in farm or bed chambers for hours alone- Mary's family are as ever, Dolly goes ahead- Cath. says "Dr. G. just left says he saw no obstacles to her going, wishes you to write the expense of the journey & if it is any matter what day of the weeks she starts- says she would not go on any consideration for such salary but she shall be with a sister & under the Docts good care." Mrs. Greens death was shocking, her friends called her nervous one and three times & 4th time going to move in street next us, the day she was taken down- she seemed one I [?] with care, one Monday eve that she thought Amanda deranged at times, it gave me a shock to hear it, see her "moment very lowspirited & pale, had been that day to Dr. [?] next morning Tuesday she & Aunt Jane started for it, she was taken moving on the way [?] out of chaise, laid down in [?] screaming- Aunt J. left her, made an for help, got her into chaise for she became calm carried her to Mrs. Kimball's, where she was again seized with her wailing tearing of hair upbraiding Lucretia for her kindnefs [sic] to her, you would as manse till Sabbath morn then rasped & was in Eternity- to the last she would not hear Lucretia in [?] asked her if she thought her sick now, if she respected god to forgive her & so on- the fact is L has left atone & rest at Mrs. Fletchers (not wanted) called her nervous because her husband had gone & so on [??] from Soco came & took children home with her [?]- She died from a broken heart [??] on an other bad character.

Sister Margarette, received your mefsage [sic] through Louisa & Mary last eve. Returned four weeks since, from a visit of nineteen weeks in Map. Had a second turn over there, which from inattention caused congestion in right side. Have been blistered twice & bled & am much better- Doct. McGregor recommended the journey, climate &c &c. The school can be advertised, rooms prepared &c. for first Wednesday in Sept. This is early enough for fall term & tis [sic] now too late to commence summer term; [?] health is not sufficiently established to leave before middle or last of Aug. The salary is no inducement but will arrange that hereafter; & should Providence permit will take charge of the schools. Wish you to write immediately to me in receipt of L's letter- Will teach all English branches, French, Painting- Drawing- Embroidery & Music (if wished) On receit [sic] of your letter will state the time of my coming- Inform me if they will wait till Sept. Mother did not know of old proceedings against the Doct- says she should have opposed the same- she wished him to accept $140 but Mr. Dus & Cous. [sic] were opposed- All well & send love- Keep the "checkered seat" safe O!! Thus Cath. writes for me to transcribe, I told them the Dr.'s feelings & the unkindnefs [sic] of Ed. towards them. Mother always said she knew not that & was going to take the steps he'd did with Doct.- it has amounted to nothing- Stanwood is now guardian- Ed at Nashua makes a great blunter in papers but knows nothing as regards his businefs [sic]. I hope he will do well & see his past folly- Mary was down 17th of June Whif Lovention- her husband a Loco [sic]- Concord Bank has failed for a great sum, but by every stockholder paying an afsefsement [sic] of 25 dol. on share, hope to raise it again, though never to its former good standing- Husband has lost over 300 dollars though hopes yet to realise something from it- Businefs [sic] dull, drought very severe, provisions low to what they have been & money not to be had- Husband has the Hypo 1 & Jane says "why dont [sic] he go to Canada [?] with Uncle McQ & he will make money there"- I fear he would hardly find enough to establish himself there.2 I think you have a fine family should like to see you at your little cottage, we are still in the up & down house all the time talking about moving as it injures my health to go up & down stairs as I am obliged to so often- Neighbors well Joseph Estabrook wife & two children have from mobile cut a dash with William & wife- M, A have joy soon to be married to a Mr. Talent, widower- her health now is very poor- Mrs. Atkinson made me a call this summer- Mrs. Clement has a daughter do not see her often- Mrs. Nages has buried her father & sister, she with husband and girl have been at Chester 6 weeks, Mr. Nages very unwell, but we have a dear good man to supply the pulpit, Profefesor [sic] Warner of the Theological Institution Gilmantin- We have done with Dr Gage has left for what little sicknefs [sic] we have had about 32 dollars- Husband said he never before to your accounts has had such a bill prevented he cut it down to 20 still it was great- he never will do much here but dash out & push out- Doct Isaac Colby is married & lives in town married Louisa Shuffle of Dunbarton, great abolitionist- he cannot live in Cincinnati-

We often talk of the dear Calvin I wish I could see him Aunt Louisa would give him one kifsing [sic]- Give love to your husband from us all & accept a large share from your affectionate Sister,
P.S. A young girl hung herself in street last week from Canterbury3

[Address on Cover]
Mrs. Calvin McQuesten4
Hamilton, Upper Canada
Via Lewiston

1 Hypochondria. A condition in which extreme mental depression is physically manifested by the body as imaginary ailments (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

2 Louisa's husband Hugh was plagued by financial issues. As a result he constantly had to move his family around. See W0889.

3 There are two towns named Canterbury in the north-eastern United States: one in New Hampshire and one in Conneticut.

4 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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