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Jul 24 1833
To: Brockport New York
From: A.F. Chase Lockport New York

July 24th 1833

Dear Margarette,

I have neglected answering your welcome letter so long that I am almost or rather quite ashamed to begin now; but shall trust to your good nature and my poor apology (I am well aware that it is a feeble) for forgiveness.

When I received your letter I was so rejected to know that there was one near me that I not only knew but "[???]" that I intended to have answered it immediately [?] persona, and know not how many times I have appointed to go to Brockport by snow, land, and water; and something would happen to disappoint me. I once dismissed schooll [sic] for the express purpose of visiting you; again in the spring when the Canal was first opened, the day was set and Edward came down to see me on the Packet pay my passages &c, but Mrs. Skinner was taken the day before with that horror of horrors the chills & fever and I did not wish to leave her. Thus have my efforts been frustrated. I have mentioned only two. I know for all this I might have written and my only excuse is that I thought that I should so soon follow it that it was not worth while.

Now Dear Margarette will you forgive and love me still? If you will, I will be one of the best girls in the world and come to see you in the course of a few weeks. I am more than happy in having a New England friend that I can visit. Do Margarette write to me, and if any thing should happen to thwart my present plans come and see me soon for you cant think how much I want to see you.

Charlotte called on me a few minutes as she was pasing [sic] through town it was like angels visits short and sweet she is the only one from home that I have seen since I came except Dr. C family and I was sick then, so that I did not enjoy their visit.

Was very sorry that C could not stop any longer, but she told me a great deal of news (to me) about home, & I enjoyed it much. She told me to give her love to you and tell you that she was in better spirits than when she left you. I am afraid that she will be very homesick in Illinois, if she is any like your humble friend she will sigh for the pleasant scenes, and well known friends of H. I never felt contented so long as Mother lived, but since her death, it makes but little difference to me where I am. Hopkinton would be a dreary and lonesome place to me now. Yet I should like to go there once more, & visit my dear Mother's room and grave it would be a sad sad comfort and pleasure to me. How I should like to have the privilege of hearing Mr. Chase preach, and attend his Bible Class Prayer Meetings, & receive other religious instruction from him. Not that I suppose Mr. C. the only man capable of instructing but have not had these privileges since I left H. consequently when I regret them [naturally?] refer to those I had last.

Helen is still in Cincinnati [sic] we expected her to spend the Summ [sic] with us, but were disappointed because Salmon tho't [sic] that her advantages would not be so good here as there we hope to see her in Autumn if it please God to spare their lives. But I dread the Cholera this summer both for their account and our own. It was melancholly [sic] indeed here for a few weeks last summer. Oh I hope we shall not have it here again.

Miss Peabody has two married sisters in L. They have sent frequent verbal invitations for me to visit them but have never called on me & I seldom get so far out of the village but mean to see them soon.

July 11th I commenced writing this immediately after Charlotte came here because she said that you was most afronted [sic] with [?] real unavoidable circumstances have prevented my finishing sooner. And even now I write the most part of it with a half score of voices saying Miss Chase, Miss Chase from all sides, so you must excuse mistakes wherever you find them both in Chirography, Orthography, Etemology [sic] and Syntax... We have had a letter from Helen since I commenced this she writes in good spirits and health they are all well. Dr. C has concluded to stay in C. H. did not mention Char--think that she must have had time to get there. William is here studying law, he has the mainspring j-a-w to perfection now. He is very steady and wants nothing but a new heart to make him a fine young man... Mrs. Skinner's compliments to thee and says she should be happy to have you visit her. Give my compliments to thy Husband. I should like to get a peep at him. You see that I am not so patriotic that I do not know that I shall have to visit you unless you do and in that case should be [?] disappointed.

Affectionately yours, A.F. Chase

[Address on Envelope]
Mrs. Margarette McQuesten
Brockport, N. York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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