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Apr 15 1833
To: Margarette Barker Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: Northfield New Hampshire

Brockport, New York
Northfield, April 5 1833

My Dear Mrs. McQuesten,

I received your letter with no small pleasure [??] to learn that your health is [??]. You also stated that your family has enjoyed health since you came to your present place of abode. Health is no doubt the greatest earthly blessing. It has been very healthy in this place for a few months & we hope it will continue. Our family has been quite well & nothing particularly interesting has transpired since you left us. But oh I cannot without involuntary [??] think that you may have taken a final adieu. No more to enjoy your society & that of your [??] husband no more to meet you & your [?] husband [?] the [???], no more to see you [???] in the church. [???]. Hope you will find your minister [?] efficient & extremely [?]. O may the Lord [??] righteousness upon you. Let [?] continue [???] throne of Grace & [??] will be built. Husband thinks the prospect [???] & that there are indications of [??] to the Church & [?] also. His health is good & has generally been so since you left us. Meetings are frequent & [?] better attended this [?], particularly on the Sabbath. Our female prayer meetings continue although [???] this winter past [has not] been so fully attended as in the summer. But I feel very much the mood of a more general revival than we have hitherto enjoyed. [??] should pour out of his spirit abundantly. Husband thinks it [???] indeed, & perhaps the question would be settled with regard to his permanent residence here. [?] Joy for us that God will remember us in [??] we do very much [?] to see you & your Husband & [??] our best wishes for your prosperity. You will not I trust fail to pray for us, although [???] yet God will hear and answer. Your Brother & Sister M'Allister & family are well, but of this I must say little as they write you [?] sister [??] settled in [???]. Mr. M'Allister is about to [?] off [???] Mr. McQuesten & family are well & in [??] formerly occupied by Capt. [?]. Do excuse this [??] Mrs. McQuesten & believe that you have the prayers of the Church of which we [?] that you still [?] to be a member. [???] you find & [??] in Christ. Husband sends his best regard to you & your Husband.

Yours in Love

Mrs. Margarette M'Questen
Brockport, N. York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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