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Mar 2 1833
To: Margarette Barker Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: Charlotte Colby Hopkinton New Hampshire

Hopkinton, New Hampshire
March 2, 1833

My dear Margarette,

I have been anxiously waiting to receive a letter from you ever since you left H [Hopkinton--but have almost come to the conclusion that you have forgotten me--is it so my dear M? No, I will not harber [sic] the thought. I trust I know my friend to [sic] well to think that distance will diminish her affection for those to whom she had been long attached.

I cannot help wishing as I seat myself to write that I might enjoy a personal interview, rather than an epistolary but as we cannot have the former I feel that we have much caus [sic] for gratitude that we posses the latter.

You probably would like to know what is passing in your native place. In the first place, Mrs. Flanders has an addition to her family & is very comfortable. She was confined last Thursday. Mrs. A. Green has been spending the winter in town. She has a fine boy, calls his Herman Wentworth. She has enjoyed very feeble health since her confinement. You have probably head that Wiggin & Cath' were married. They board at Mrs. Greeleys. E. Little has not returned from Boston, is expected soon.

Mrs. Stanwood has gone to housekeeping in a part of Mrs. Stanleys house. She had her wedding party this week on Wednsday [sic], don't you think she has been rather hasty about it? It is only three yrs [sic] last Nov. since she was married. She had two [loaves?] of her wedding cake. There were between fifty & sixty there from grey-headed Judge Harris to Mr. Ballard to those of eighteen. It was conducted in city style, took our refreshments standing. It [??] pleasant as such parties generally are. I do not think it a very profitable way of spending time. I am decidedly of the opinion that unless we can maintain a Christian character, we ought not to frequent them. I have been engaged through the winter in a school in Mr. Sargent's district, boarded with Sister B which made it very pleasant for us both, had a very pleasant school. Have you read Dr. [?] works on Education? I am much of his opinion that the moral & physical education of children ought to be attended to befor [sic] intellectual. I think there has been, & still is, a great deficiency in the education of children.

Ma is now in Boston & I am keeping house alone, she will probably be absent several weeks. I wish dear M you would take your work & come in & spend the day with me. A vain wish--& are those happy hours gone, which have been so pleasantly spent with my earliest dearest friend! Gone--never to return. My dear M. may we be prepared to meet, in those happy regions where parting is unknown. Let us "forget the things which are behind, & press forward to those that are before" how little is there in this world that is really worth our attention. How soon will our days be numbered, & we call'd to render our account to our final Judge.

Do my dear M often remember me at the throne of Grace, I have thought, much of the priveliges [sic], which we are all in possession of, & although friends are ever so far distant, God is near to hear our prayer, if we have a true spirit of devotion. I am more than ever convinced of the utility of importunate, frequent prayer. What God has graciously done in answer to the cries of his children will never be known, till the judgement day brings hidden things to light & discloses the immutable plans, purposes & procedures of Him, "who is wonderful in counsel & excellent in working." We have not year succeeded in [??] a minister. Mr. Kittredge the one we were in hopes of obtaining is now in Boston. The society has lately give [sic] Mr. Lancaster of Gillmanton a call, probably your husband is acquainted with him. I think I have heard you speak of his first wife, her name was [?], he has now married a second wife, he is considered a man of good talents, & is rather prepossessing in his personal appearance he is to give his answer this week. I think it has had a very bad effect on the feelings of the church in general, being destitute of regular preaching. Religion is in a very low state in general here. Mr. Hatch's family still remain in town, & will stay for the present. I shall regret very much to [??] leave, Mr. Hatch has been preaching at Merrimack [??] the winter. I have hardly seen your mother this winter, I believe she goes out but very little.

Now my dear M I believe I have told you "all the news" that is worth writing & perhaps have tired your patience & will defer the next until I go to Brockport. I am quite strong in the faith that I shall visit you, if you remain there. I cannot close, without reminding yor [sic] husband of his promise to write to me, before the expiration of winter it would afford me much pleasure, to receive a letter from him. Don't be jealous. May I not dear Margarette expect a long letter from you soon I want very much to hear from you how the climate agrees with your health &c. I presume you find society very different from N.H. people, but in the society of your dear husband I know you cannot be unhappy.

Mr. Colby says give much love to Margarette for me & tell her when I go on to the West, I shall make it in my way to call on him.
From your affectionate Charlotte,

[Address on Envelope]
Hopkinton N.H.
Mar 4
[To] Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten
Brockport, N.Y.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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