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W0643 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her friend M. Preston
Feb 28 1833
To: Margarette B. (Lerned) McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Galway, New York

My very dear Friend

Sister's letter with your PS. was received in due time. I immediately resolved to answer it the first spare moment. A blush suffuses my face while I attempt an apology but I do think you will pardon me, my dear friend, when I tell you of my ill health and the additional care of another little son. I intended after this event to write to all my absent friends, before again taking upon myself the direction of my domestick [sic] affairs. Only two weeks passed however, untill [sic] I was attacked with fever, which so much reduced my strength that I yet feel scarcely fit for much but to take the charge of my little one. I suspect you, my dear M. as yet, know not the joys nor the sorrows of the mother and feel not her responsibilities though you may not be a stranger to her cares. I find that my little ones draw very heavy draufts [sic] upon my time and the care of them sometimes very much depresses my spirits. Yet, upon the whole I know they add very much to my happiness.

How happy must that mother be who can direct her little ones in the straight and narrow way that leadeth unto life Eternal. This ought to be the main spring of action. Yes, if there is any thing that should constrain us at early dawn, when surrounded with midday cares, at evening hour, and in the watches of the night to enter into the closet, if there is any thing that should lead us to God it is the early convertion [sic] of our children. How tender their minds how much influence by exemple [sic]. I have been led to think very much upon my situation as a mother, for a year past and find that I need much heavenly wisdom to guide me in the discharge of my duty. Oh that I might be so happy as to direct them to the Lamb of God.

The responsibilities of the mother have very much increased for a few years past, since we can have access to so many books adapted to their capacity and the aid of the infant and Sabbath schools--these call for our gratitude and a misimprovement [sic] will add to our guilt.

Were you a mother I would endeavour to enlist your feelings in favour of maternal associations. We have formed one in our village and by the bye, as you have a good and kind heart and wish to aid your sex, (perhaps) in their arduous undertaking of education why not propose one in your village? Perhaps you have seen an address to "Benovelent [sic] Ladies" in behalf of the "Mother's Magazine" edited by Mrs. A.G. Whiteley, Utica, it is a very interesting work I think you would be much pleased with it, the Prospectus is written by Mrs. Ligurney, & is published monthly.

How are you pleased with your present situation my friend. I long to hear from you--how you are pleased with your present situation. Do write soon, tell us your prospects. We talk much of the western country perhaps you may see us along that way yet. My husband has had an invitation to go to the Ohio with a colony--there are several in this town that have it in contemplation. A Mr. Shepherd has secured a small tract of land 35 miles south west from Cleveland, he intends having a Manual Labour School in connection with the Colony--he says the design of the school and Colony is to glorify God to the best of their ability. We have not decided upon going as yet. We have not heard from our friends at Sandbornton since you left--intend that my next letter shall be to sister L. suppose you hear from her often.

Monday Morn.--I was interrupted last week by company and as they have now left us, I will endeavour to finish this scrawl, and shall count myself happy if I have succeeded in interesting your feelings enough to get an answer. You see by this time, my dear M. I cannot promise you much, as a correspondent--yet I flatter myself that you will consent to an epistolary corespondence [sic] for my benefit, is this presumptious [sic]? Oh, no, your kind heart delights in doing others kind offices--and it may be we can stir up each others works and by their means our path may be illumina[ted] and made to shed lusture [sic] upon those within our sphere. Our Lord has taught us that we cannot be hid and if we do not walk in the light all our blessings shall be removed. How this ought to stimulate us to action lest the night cometh when no man can work. How abundently [sic] our blessed Saviour rewards those that work for him--in this world great peace and comfort and in the world to come life everlasting. O how we close our hearts against such a saviour! lest he should take up his abode and rein there. My little one, reminds me that that [sic] it is time to close, at least for the present, do write soon, much love from me and mine to you and your better half.

Yours in the best of bonds

M. Preston

[Envelope wrapper:]
Galway, 8 March

Mrs. Margarett McQuestion [sic]
Brockport, Monroe County, N. York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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