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W0632 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her friend Ann Elizabeth
Oct 2 1832 Tuesday eve
To: Margarette B. (Lerned) McQuesten, Brockport, New York, [U.S.A.]
From: Sandbornton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

[Dear Margarette,]

Agreeable to your request my dear M. your friend pens these few wandering thoughts--imperfect as they may be, I trust they will be grateful, as I well know that a heart who feels cemented by bonds of love to the human family & who beholds all nature with an eye of love & admiration (not even forgetful of Nature's God) will esteem the most trifling memento of affection as a sacred treasure. It is doubtless a truth, that from the earliest period of our acquaintance there has been an attachment, undisguised, mutual, & constant: and however far I may sink beneath you in ardour or sensibility on this point be assured this affection has ripened with my years & grown to be a fruit of the choicest kind, as a gem of infinitely more value than either rubies or the diamond scarcity, it is true attaches a sterling value, but innate worth outweighs. Well may I exclaim what gratitude is due my Heavenly Father for such a friend: and though now about to be separated, my heart goes with thee; and though deeply grieved dear M., I'm in a measure consoled, knowing you to be specially blest by goodness & wisdom of "Him, who is the author of every good & perfect gift") with a companion of your choice, in whose character is most happily blended the endearing qualities of Father, Husband, Friend--whose heart beats in union with yours in both spiritual & temporal things.

As a family we keenly, yes very keenly feel our anticipated loss of your Husband's & your own society in your contemplated departure: nought but a hope & conviction that it is all for the best can reconcile us. Suffer us to say that we feel our loss to be irreparable, other voices may be strange, & yet music to our ears, but other hearts uncongenial with our own.

As it respects our meeting again in this life, a gloomy uncertainty hangs over the future--but in a "better hand," what a glorious reunion of disembodied spirits if made pure by the blood of the Lamb--what a cheering hope is this! how exulting! how "inly thrilling"! and can such weak, vile, dependent creatures as we ever dare to hope? The voice of God proclaims to the humble, contrite heart 'tis true,--no phantom of the brain--the word of God declares it true, 'tis yours, 'tis ours, there to hope. Encouraged by this let us strive to endure unto the end that we may become the happy recipients of this promise.

My dearly beloved friends

that guardian angels may ever hover around
you to guard & protect, the grace of God
ever be present to cheer & support,--choicest friends
on earth & angels in Heaven ever be your companions
is the fervent prayer of your ever devoted,

Ann Elizabeth.

Sandbornton Oct. 2nd 1832, Tuesday eve

The past but not forever past
In Heaven we hope to meet.
Brought now the pang that sends my heart
Again, again dear M.--I greet--

No purer Angel's bliss.

Adieu, a fond adieu.

[Envelope wrapper:] Mrs. M. B. L. McQuesten

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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