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Jul 29 1832
To: Margarette Lerned Sandbornton Bridge
From: Ann Elizabeth Littleton New Hampshire

Littleton, July 29th 1832

Very Dear Margarette

Yours of the 29th inst [sic] was duly and most cordially received- [?]. I was surprised, on recognizing the handwriting of my friend, that I can afsure [sic] you my surprise was accompanied with inexprefsable [sic] pleasure- How true it is dear M. that the golden chain of friendship is best straightened by distances and that thoughts tread swifter & ever [?] space than the saga of the dubious king of days, have you not sometimes been but in other [?] which move along at the rapidity which sees thought [?] manner a hand pleased what cannot the immortal mind grasp? Well may we exclaim "how sorrowful a meal" but oh, how sweet with what an spiritual of sorrow & delights one so surrounded! and all the work of an Almighty hand- Even from my minister if consider the expansion she [?] oration spreads and desire & immutable businefs [sic] for the semingly the [?] of Lordship whose burning tip is hot and [??] in the darknefs [sic]- talk fast, when lofty [?] was this head a [?] restoration an all before should they be forced to bear the [??] would obey the [??] it gentle song & the such [?] is spread surpassed, with here a favour to phase the eyes & there a place to search the soul." To favour me for indeed one in this would be [?] strain, for every thing secured seems to favour such evils [?] [downstairs?] weary you have to this effect & gladly would I had the chance but also I was away-

In speaking of our little school you ask your friend if her interest extends no farther than for their temporal welfare. I trust it does, though I admit ashamedly & I have too much reason to fear I deceive myself on this point- you will ask of those we would [?] (my young immortals) of their song and true. I have not a feeble prayer has been sometimes offered up on their behalf- I anticipate what would be your next comment, for a [engineer?] close you, can you [?] with this I ought not- may be. I am not, but my whole life has been so unlike what our Heavenly Father requires that I feel (& even indulge in it) the great substance in preaching. When I do not ask, like a [?] how- I saw [?] no sense I [?] all this, and have only to lament the exceeding sinfulnefs [sic] of my house-& we for mercy from our [?] Saviour- I mean to have of the attention to [addition?] in our village [?] every house becomes a house of prayer & very very strong, be the [?] of Christ- what a glorious privilege do you enjoy- your little female prayer meetings, how much may they serve to embolden the [?] for [?] have seen. & am by [?]- about not to permit that "clarity & boundlefs [sic] love," which St. Paul as often requests may the lives of Christian fellowship & [?] stray, O dear Mrs. McQ- may you advance in divine grace untill you shall have finished your earthly cares & angels stand waiting by roofs of lasting estranged spirits to the "haven of Eternal rest"

Margarette can it be that you have publicly afsured [sic] the same of your [?]? That you have taken upon you [?] as you are the sum of constancy not only to a kindred spirit, but of eternal facility to the God, who hath given you this more than [?] companion & soothes of your [?] what a consolation to your Husband! How are his hands strengthened by this when they are unclear which you dear M. partner of his desires have made! Together you can partake of the Symbols which are consecrated by our Divine Lord! Together may you with the other may you weep- together may you lean before the sacred altar & there offer up your prayers, giving the [?] up to Heaven- how [?], above all how [?] the thought that the "friendship of immortal minds is since begun, so registered in Heaven," & may we not be [?] to look forward with cheer animated hopes to that [?] house when we may be reunited!! Those we love, those whom death has severed from you [?]- weeping eyes!Yes, the time is not far distant when the angel will call us from earth & pay to sleep, despair, & [stand?] Time is over on the wings & when the [?] he says & darknefs [sic] closes in-

Margarette I hear and I say but the hour is past- & have little here written- I fear you cannot feel interested, other than as a friend always feels interested, in what another says or writes- how apology a company Fathom for such a second & my [?] also- for the fewer the duties of the day & occupy my mind almost exclusively & personal attendance there- am not entirely [?] & from fatigue- the confine must [?] great anxiety about [inexportable?] and yet the task delightful- am awfully responsible the induction of a sister- the apology already offered must save as an answer for the the [sic] hour or so your [sic] very kind, friendly, & interesting she certainly demanded a more speedy reply, but I trust & your generosity for pardon- listen [??] joins me to you & joins with me in love & your Husband & friends-

We expect to have S. for our [?] him in about two weeks- great deal obliged in this & adjoining [terms?]- a parasite epidemic here, rather well in our place & very fatal among children- no [?] as it respects the [?]- religious privilege very limited- and Pastor is very feeble now, has been dangerously ill- [?] more favourable as there is a meeting House just finishing in the village- expect to have constant preaching- religion at a very [??] here- general inattention to the most important subject, a merciful Providence helps us with health & friend: we are much engaged at the present time in visiting-

Write me soon if you will have an opportunity before I return-

[?]one affectionately your friend
Ann Elizabeth
Good night & well you & your Husband grant us, our dear pupils, & friends an interest in your prayers?
(if you please you may be my [?] now I think it may be a source of pleasure & [?] M & call often with your friend speak of you must [?]; likewise care of you both)

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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