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W0625 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her sister Mary [Lerned] Flanders
Jul 16 1832
To: Margarette B. (Lerned) McQuesten, Sandbornton Bridge, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire

My dear sister Margarette,

We are all anticipating a visit from you so soon that it seems hardly necessary to write you, were it not for renewing the invitation. We have been looking in the almanack and find that Probate Court is next Tuesday. We all as one expect to see you then with your Husband. It is a very general time of health in this town. I don't know of any sick excepting Reginald Heber Chase. He has had inflammation on the bowels, Doct. Tyler's patient. Margarette Hall and I watched with him Saturday night. He is getting better fast. Mr. Chase and wife and Miss Joynes enquired for you. His Mother and brother Capt. Robert Chase are there, been in town 4 or 5 weeks. I have understood Clara Leach is quite smitten with him. I now think of more who are sick. Mr. Daniel Chase and Heber, hired man and girl, all with fever. Renton tends them. Ann Harris to human probability will soon leave us. She has been failing all summer, took her chamber about 2 weeks since. Doct. Tyler told the Judge her case very dangerous and critical, though not all together hopeless. Coughs incessantly pain in her side, hankers for salt pork and vinegar. I understood Cate was very much affected when Doct. informed them of her danger. Mrs. Stonewood has a son weighing 9 lbs, two days ago. Mr. Hatch has preached his farewell, and gone to seek his fortune. No minister at that meeting, which makes an increase at the Church and Baptist. Mr. Carleton has found a companion. It is said he is to be married this fall to Mrs. Ingersoll, Mr. Carleton sister. Mother Flanders is out published to be married in a few weeks and move 10 miles. Bishop Griswold preached the 8th of July--a very full church, administered the rite of confirmation upon Mr. Herrick and wife, Morse and Mary, Darwin, Paulina, and Amelia Colby. Yesterday the Sacrament was administered to 33 Communicants--many admissions into the Church and some company. Elisa Little appeared affected. She does not go forward. It is thought by some her Mother is not willing. Our Bible Class meets at the Church Sunday nights at 6 o'clock--very interesting. Mr. Chase is very thorough you know. The fourth of July, Mr. Colby who owns a farm up by Capt. Emerson's had his house and two barns destroyed by fire. Loss estimated at 1000. The inhabitants of Hopkinton male and female contributed 600. A very nice industrious pair. She was Levi Strauss' daughter, every article was burnt but a bed, desk, and the Clothing they had on--a house full of every thing--William Estabrook is passing, He says "Give my love to her." E.L. is going into Aunt Chase's.

I visited at Esq. H. Chase's last Friday with a very large party married and single. M.A. Damon from Concord was there. I was disappointed in not seeing Louisa. However her stay was so short to what I expected, I did not feel so very much disappointed. Hope she will come and make us a visit with her sister. Tell the Doct. Mr. Flanders commenced haying to day. We have got the barn moved, finished hoeing Corn, &c. We have one hired man. I expect the farming news will be interesting to him and Hugh. Ariel Currier and wife are in town expect to stay two weeks called here this forenoon. I expect them to visit me next week.

We hear frequent accounts of the Cholera tho' they are very contradictory. You wish to know how I feel about it. I am not so nervous as I was last winter. I don't feel so bad as I did when I heard it was in Europe. I believe it to be a judgment sent from God "to take the righteous from the evil to come, and to destroy the wicked." We must be calm and trust in God. He best knows what is for us. I think it encouraging to us that its victims are almost universally the intemperate and vicious poor. We have no reason for expecting God's mercy than other nations who have been swept away by the dreadful scourge. But let us be humble and wait God's time and not live in constant fear. Still I feel a great degree of anxiety. Mother has been washing to day, have been in since dinner for roses to replenish my flower pots. She says she is ready for you, shall depend on seeing you. I think she is very much pleased with the idea of your coming--you must stay 3 weeks. The examination at the academy will take place three weeks from tomorrow. Mother hasn't any girl. She expects Mr. Berry will move soon. I would endeavour to fill my sheet but hope to converse verbally with you soon. Mother and I are rearing silk-worms. I expect Daniel wants to see Hugh and Doct. very much with regard to the bank, tho' he does not say a great deal. I want you to bring me over the pattern of Louisa's cap, or one like it. I have been making 2 lbs of strawberry jam--very nice. If you intend to disappoint us let us know--(Mother is saving the Rheubarb [sic] for you) if not, Come, Come. Love to all--Louisa must write by you. Mother likes her shawl very much but rather grudges the price. At Mrs. Chases [sic], Mrs. Curtis observed that Martha, Margarette, and Hamilton McAllaster attended her school. I visited with a party at Deacon Brown's when Lavinia was there.

Your affectionate sister, Mary.

[P.S.] I lack for sentiment and filled this paper with the news of the time.

[Envelope wrapper:] Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten
Sandbornton Bridge, N.H.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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