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W0613 TO MARGARETTE BARKER LERNED MCQUESTEN From her mother Catherine Lerned.
Mar 29 1832
To: Margaret Barker Lerned McQuetsen Sanbornton Bridge New Hampshire
From: Catherine Lerned Hopkinton New Hampshire

Thursday Eve March 29, 1832
My dear Margaret [sic],

Love friendship and business moves my pen this Eve and after enquiries for your health &c &c all which I hope to have favourably annserd [sic] by the [??]. I will commence upon business. The land south of the [Barn?] I wish to take the charge of myself if it is not mine by agreement, as I have plenty of manure and plenty of seed corn the best kind I will hire or you shall have half or any way that your H... shall say it will save fencing and the expense of dividing. I should endeavour to cultivate it in the same manner that your Father intended it shold [sic] have been had he lived he intended it for the premium cornfield I may succeed or I may not and you must with the advice of your H. do as you think best I hope it is not engaged. The house and garden was not yours as I thought if you married but the land was.

I have enjoyed the meeting this Eve Betty White and Lucy [?] went with me Catherine is now at May's went up this afternoon the [family?] are well last week I visited at Mrs. Chase I have with Mrs. L & Elisa my Elizabeth a meeting in the evening [sic] E send [sic] love to you she going [sic] to Boston very soon they have affine [sic] Son at Mrs. C. born Sunday Morn namd [sic] for bishop Helen Mr. [?] with [??] leave next Wednesday for Newyork [sic] [?] will move on their return Margart [sic] you must come in May you can help C & E work in the garden it will do you good tell H ... that the planst [sic] look very well they stand at the east window as the formerly did and that E Chase has selected verse for crowning the [?] of May [??] is going to play the flute on the great occasion you shall have the sheeting it will be nice for a shirt I shall take only enough for one pair for the whole I am to give [??] 27 & it is getting late I could write all night but shuld [sic] not feel very well tomorrow [sic] shall expect Hannah with the [?] and shall kill the fatted calf for them should we not eat it all up before the [?] returns you & H shall have apiece [sic] but do not M set your [mouth?] too much upon it for fear of a disappointment [sic] C has come home send her love best love to the Dr and I suppose to you give love to all and [?] that the happiness of all and each one of you will ere constitute a part of my own.

Your Mother CS Lerned
P.S. [McQuesten?] advisd [sic] me [?] to write this thought it [?] be best for us both Mr. [?] family are happy they say in their own house again, E. says she has not been home for two years before

Dr. Calvin M'Questen
Sandbornton Bridge, N.H.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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