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W0581 TO MARGARETTE BARKER LERNED From Henrietta Burley.
Mar 23 1829
To: Margarette Lerned Hopkinton New Hampshire
From: Henrietta Burley Exeter New Hampshire

Exeter, March 23rd 1829-

My dearest Margarette

Little did I think two months would pafs [sic] before I should answer your affectionate letter- it was my intention to have written you immediately but sicknefs [sic] has prevented me from writing for a week or two past. Do tell me if colds have been prevalent in Hopkinton? I never know anything to equal them here. We have 25 in family I believe all of them have been sick- I ventured out to visiting yesterday the first time for several weeks- since I received your letter [Nat Aucoin?] and his sister have made you a short visit they were both delighted with their visit- [?] intends going to Concord soon and seems determined to make you another call he was very much pleased with your Mother he said she was in very good spirits but quite lame. I was very sorry to hear it hope she has entirely recovered. I received a letter from Mrs. Towne a week since she said nothing of your Mother's lamenefs [sic]. I concluded she would have mentioned it if any of you were sick- Sent you Mifs [sic] Hamilton very much indeed? I was never more surprised then I was the other day- I received a letter from him sent at Langfort P.T- after opening it I found he was on his way to NYork- the first thought I had was that it was possible he was going to find the Island he used so often to speak of to sad- those days are past, and I expect the Island is forgotten-in one of his letters soon after my return, he said "Oh that I had some bright little Isle of my own, in a blue summer ocean far off and alone." I thought he seemed low-spirited you must not let him be so- I don't think he is fond of solitude but think he would prefer being surrounded by his friends-

Tuesday even'g

Mifs [sic] Clark has just made me a call, it is the young lady Dr. Carter of Concord is engaged to. She said you had made a visit at B. this winter- hope that wont [sic] prevent your visiting me this summer- I am very sorry to hear Louisa has been sick part of the winter- she is a good girl I love her very much I wish she would write me- how does your Society flourish. I hope better than ours we have very few members indeed and little work to do- I have not met with our Soc. but two or three times since my return from Hopkinton- I think I shall meet with them this week we must at E Gardners. I love to met [sic] her we always have a chat about you which is not disagreeable- I very often think of you Saturday evenings- I should love to stop in and hear you sing-

In Mrs. Johns's letter there was a message from you- saying you had heard how I had served you- the gentleman that was picked out for you I had secured myself- be that as it may- when you see him if you are very much in love perhaps I may give him up- he used to talk a great deal about you- it is possible he may prefer you- if that should be the case I should be oblige [sic] to give up. I would not to every one- you being a very particular friend. I should be unwilling to make two unhappy- at any rate we will settle it when you come down- I was quite amused to think there was such a mistake in the name Charlotte Towne thinks it is Bailey it is not- Do write me soon and write me all the news. I do love to hear after from those I love be assured my dear girl you are one that I love and esteem very highly- how are all of your dear family give them my love & kifs [sic] the children for me ask Elizabeth if she wont [sic] come and live with me- I believe she promised to- Have you had many sleigh rides this winter? I have been so needed out- it is so cold I have not wanted put my head out of the door- what a tedious winter this has been I never remember of seeing so much snow on the ground or of its being so cold in March as it is now- people say we shall have a warm and pleasant spring and summer that will be delightful if it should be so remember me affectionately to your Uncle Perkins family and to all that I have the pleasure of being acquainted with in H- I would gladly fill this page if I had time and a better pen- I must again request you to write me very soon I will endeavour to be more punctual- I am fully aware that my letters are not very interesting- you must forgive all imperfections and believe they come from a very affectionate friend-

[Cover Address]
Mifs [sic] Margarette B. Lerned
Hopkinton, NH-

Exeter NH
Mar 26

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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