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W0578 TO MARGARETTE BARKER LERNED From Henrietta Burley.
Dec 20 1828 Saturday
To: Margarette Lerned Hopkinton NH
From: Henrietta Burley

Saturday Evening Dec 20th 1828
My dear Margarette

How sweet, how consoling to call to remembrance our about friends, but why do I say call to mind when you with my other Hopkinton friends have been ever the subject of my dreams - last night while enjoying in imagination the sweet society of our friends, I was roused from this blifs [sic] by musick [sic] which proved to be serenading - Oh that I could have recognized some of those friends I so recently parted with it would have been doubly grateful to my ears - Oh Margarette the happy days and hours I past [sic] at your house will never be erased from my memory - I feel greatly obliged to your cousins and Mr. Stonwood for their politnefs [sic] in accompany [sic] me to [?] it soothed my sorrow to have them with me - what can be the reason Louisa has not written me - give my love to her, and ask her to write very soon. I told you I should be homesick after my return, truly I was - not only that but I have been sadly afflicted with the tooth-ache and Ague which has deprived me from going out but three times since I bade you adieu - Elizabeth Jardine I have seen only once, she says she is much better - but does not go out any - I suspect she will never be able to walk much she seems in very good spirits and seems delighted to think you and I are coming here in the spring - Accept my warmest thanks, My dearest Ms. for your letter, may I not call it yet! I believe you with more than Hamilton, never was a letter more acceptable, I had almost concluded you had forgotten me - Oh dear the last evening I past [sic] at your house, it makes me sad to think of it - you accused me of being homesick I was not, but did not feel quite happy - dont [sic] I beseech you tell a being what we talked about-I have found a beau for you, he is a fine young man, he is a merchant I think you would like him - I have told him a great deal about you he is very desirous to see you, he owns a beautiful house quite near us, I should be delighted to have you live so near- you must conclude to have him if you dont [sic] I dont know that I shall not try to get him if I dont see some one that I like better.

You dont [sic] know how bad I felt when I read your letter to hear Mrs. Hall was so very ill -I pity Margarette very much indeed she must be very much afflicted I hope her mother will be spared a little longer, should she be taken from her her loss would be irreparable, give the dear girl my love when you see her-

Next Thursday is christmas, I should love to be at Hopkinton now, I should like to assist in decorating your dear little church and I should be so delighted to hear Mr. Chase preach again- Mr. Hurd is able to preach half of the day- it is a great privilege to live where we can hear good preaching- we think little of it until we are deprived of it- I hope you wont [sic] be so unfortunate as to lose either of your Ministers I think they are both excellent men- I often think of your Thursday evening meetings- I think they are calculated to do a great deal of good- your religious privileges are greater than our own- still I wish I had more gratitude [??] I think there is nothing so promoted that feeling like enumerating our blessings thinking of that and feeling as we must feel our unworthinefs [sic] of all merries- a grateful heart is always the happiest, for then we enjoy a thousand little blefsings [sic] which we should think of with hearts chilled by ingratitude- There is certainly no happinefs [sic] but in religion- O that I could convince some of my dearest friends of this- are you not convinced of it my dearest M?- Give my love to your dear Mother tell her tell her [sic] I hope very soon to have a postscript from her in your letter- Margarette when you write (which I hope will be very soon) tell me every thing- anything about Hopkinton will be so interesting to me- Give my respects to your Father and sister Mary and kifs [sic] the little girls for me- I must write to Harriette and Hamilton- good night-

Your very affectionate

PS. Tell Louisa I can't finish my needle work. I have forgotten how to make the shells ask her to make one (a shell I mean) and send me the first opportunity. HOE remember me to M.B.L.-

[Cover] Mifs [sic] Margarette B. Lerned Hopkinton, NH-

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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