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W0565 TO MARGARETTE B. LERNED [MCQUESTEN] from her sister Louisa [Lerned] McAllaster
Jan 24 1826
To: Margarette B. Lerned [McQuesten], Hopkinton, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: Newport, New Hampshire

[Dear Margarette]

Not for the want of inclination have I so long remained silent but every week since I recieved [sic] your letter I have contemplated visiting Hopkinton but have been disappointed. This week whether it snows or not I think you will see me at Hopkinton. I am quite well attend meeting, visiting, walking out in storms &c. Sister Margarett McAllaster is with me came weeks before last. I was at Mrs. Forsaith's when the stage stopp'd and left her. Mary my girl came for me--I am very happy in her society she is very much like Hugh, affectionate and kind she is sensible, good learning & a very pious girl--She is coming to H. with me & my girl is going home to Kendall. I want to see you all very much and many friends, Betsey in particular. I have not written you but once since I did her and then was not able to write the few lines you received without fatiguing myself.

Since I have been recovering have spent every moment of my time sewing made six shirts, waistcoats, drawers, sheets, caps and a bonnet. I assure you I have been industrious--I thank you for the blankets they are very nice & comfortable as to his carpet I do not know anything respecting it. I have an old one came round the brass kettle it answers to keep the grease from the floor. I have made sausages had company and excepting strength well as ever.

Papa's drops cured me--I have great faith in him. We will bring some tea with us when we come--As to cheese there are none of the nicest kinds at the store but very good. Mr. McAllaster has taken in his stock of leather 23 cts per lb cash, engaged it before Paw wrote. Uncle & Aunt Woods are going to Concord soon perhaps this week they have waited for snow as impatiently as I have.

Margarette you may expect to see me Friday, and Saturday I contemplate visiting friend Betsey, if not Friday, Saturday if the weather is pleasant with husband and sister Margarett--How is Hannah? Tell her I have 200 bushels of love for her, all the children I want to see--I expect to have a feast with Mother talking about Mrs. Rogers, the day she was there was the first time I had visited for 15 weeks & 8 of that time confined to my bed--I wish you could send my muff & socks before Friday. I have borrowed a Cloak but do not wish to borrow more if not convenient will take them when I go home--

Edgar Nettleton said he saw Papa a week since at Concord--I attended a funeral last week about [2 or 12] miles from the village. Dr. Corbin's he was buried Masonic form and a Universalist preach'd the sermon, went at nine in the morn but the ceremony lasted so long it was dark when I came home left Hugh to eat his supper.

What are you all doing? and who is your girl? Is Mary well I am sorry her arm was so lame as to prevent her writing hope she is well I shall want to visit her in a few days--I have heard from Aunt Sally, she is well keeps a boarding house in Brooklyne [sic] N. York. Uncle has nothing to do but inspect the Navy yard with [a?] cane in his hand. Aunt [Red?] is married and gone to Mobile very much against Aunts [sic] wishes--Nancy Jane is the belle of the place.

I want to see Hopkinton again and hope my friends have not forgotten that once existed such an imp as I am, do tell them I am the same as ever except a little more advanced in old age.

Hugh and Margarett have each a book in their hand in support of their favorite Doctrine Trinitarian & Unitarian. I look off occasionally & drop a word in support of the --------s [sic].

Monday Morn--While the Tripe is frying to satisfy my craving appetite I will finish this nonsensical scrall [sic]. I am most happy to see snow coming this morn. I feel quite encouraged that we shall have sleighing by Friday--I send home the books & shall want to borrow more--Is this Papa's mitten Mary found it a fortnight since behind a chest up stairs & Paw lost one here last September--Is this the one? Love to Parents [?] and Master Ned, he is my boy--I hope soon very soon to see you--your affectionate Sister,


Tuesday P.M. Husband just came for Margarett Louisa McAllaster and I to go to the store, we traded some, there I found my bundle of books &c. I sent to the store yesterday to go to H. but the stage had gone. Uncle W. is going tomorrow and I shall send by him--this snow looks [?ving] you will now see me the last of this week (Friday I think) and sister will accompany me. Do you want to see me? A sister who has often thought she should never again see her native home the scenes of domestic childhood yet I trust I shall again see you all, Parents, Sisters and my boy I am impatient to see Hannah, Elisabeth I have loved dearly since I took care of her. Do not forget to remind me of 20 cts Mother lost when here and how I found it--Tell Mother I never have seen her in debt for Timothy. A great deal of love to Betsey. I shall want to visit at Uncle Perkins & Blanchard's wife. How is Grandma? Papa I expect will derive satisfaction enough seeing me well again and a grateful heart, which will be all the recompense he will ask for his care and anxiety visiting Newport & sending me rarities--Margarett is anxious to see you.

Hugh wrote all what Papa had done for us to his father they were gratified that he had found a Father so kind--If possible send the muff & socks by the stage Thursday--I hope to see you in a day or two by Friday--Dr. Long called to see me last week--Edgar Rogers has not.

In love, Louisa [McAllaster]1

[Letter addressed to:] Miss Margarett [sic] B. Lerned

1 Louisa (Lerned) McAllaster was an older sister to Margarette. She and her husband, Hugh McAllaster, seemed to be well at this time although as of 1832, Hugh stopped selling rum and his business began to falter. Shortly afterwards the lease ran out on his store and from that time on his family struggled financially as Hugh made a number of bad business decisions which kept the family impoverished. The first (and probably worst) of all was his involvement in land speculation scheme in Maine over which he lost $20 000. For more details and links see W0889.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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