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W0525 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his aunt Lucy A. Lerned
Oct 28 1875 [Estimated Date]1
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, New York, [New York, U.S.A.]
From: Home [Hopkinton, New Hampshire?]

My dear Calvin,

We rec'd a letter from Mr. Stone [or Stine?], North Oxford, Mass. last week stating that the Learned family who settled there in 1670 were getting up a family history. Col. Ebenezer Learned who figured in the Revolutionary War--Gen. Learned & his descendants have always lived there. He, Mr. Stone [or Stine?], thought we were from same family & begged us to send at once the names of our father's ancestors & his descendants also--Will you please send me date of yr. birth--we have y'r. mother's marriage.

I am sorry you are still a Bachelor--I have several "keepsakes" for you & "yrs," but if there is no "yours" I do not know to whom I shall give them. Please think of the matter & let me know when you change your mind as to single life--.

We are enjoying our usual health--I am not strong, and our protracted probate business has been very aggravating--The wise & good are all interested in our behalf, I can assure you and the Flanders never sank themselves so low in the esteem of others as when they demanded $200 of our dear sister's school money before they would sign a quit claim to her little property!2

I am very sorry to have troubled you again about the deed you signed, but the Register of Deeds advised it--They are valid, but as our old N.H. statute. Con [or Can, possibly for Concord or Canada?] requires 2 witnesses, 'tis better they sh'd be according to Con [or Can?]--Mr. E.L. Childs, is an influential gentleman residing in Concord who is always very kind to me, and he offered to write & get it recorded for me--He will return you the one you first sent--I think no state save New Hamp. requires two witnesses--I hope y'rs is already on its winding way.

I may visit in New York this winter & if I do, I will try & see y'rself--Y'r mother was my idol sister in my early childhood & I hope for her sake, you will not forget y'r loving Aunt Lucy. Please write--as early as possible. Caty & Hannah desire that love[?].

Very sincerely y'rs, Lucy A. Lerned

1 The year of this letter is not known. We have given it the year of 1875, because Elizabeth Lerned died in November 1874.

2 For more information on the claims of Mary (Lerned) Flanders and her husband on Mary's half-sister Elizabeth Lerned's property see W1091 and others.To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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