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Jan 1 1940
To: Margarette Lerned
From: Alice P. Lockport, New York

Lockport July 15

Dear Margarette,

Mifs [sic] Benedict called here last evening and told me you had received no letter from me since you wrote to me. And said that you thought you should not visit me until you had. Now my dear I am very sorry, that you should take it into you were little head to be so very ceremonious with me we are best friends (one who you know or ought to know would be so very very glad to see you at any time) even if I were in fault. Neverthelefs [sic] I plead not guilty. I wrote some weeks since, told you we had moved & where to have the [?] stop [??] Also my reaons for neglecting it so long, And as you have never rec'ved [sic] the important document I will in self defence repeat it again. When I rec'd [sic] your welcome letter Dr. P was expecting and not expecting to purchase we were thus doubtful for a few weeks, & then expected every day to move the next for nearly three weeks, Under these circumstances I know that it could not be pleasant for you to visit us & so put off writing till I could say come Immediately.

We have moved into one of the houses on the hill to the left as you come into Lower Lockport. You had better have the Boat stop opposite the house as it will save you a long walk. Probably the captain will know where Dr P lives as he has been up and down a number of times.

Tis the white Brick House between two stone houses. I shall be expecting you every night after tomorrow till you come & will endeavour to meet you when the boat stops. Come prepared to make a good long visit stay as long so you can without your Husband (I wish he could come with you). I dont [sic] think I shall let you go till he comes after you. Do not Dear M. think that I have neglected you and be after showing proper resentment & not come at all that would be a punishment greater than I deserve I do think. Mrs. Sweet had told all this before I presume for I told her to. Dr. P intended to have called and have you come with him when he returned from Rochester, but his businefs [sic] would not let him stop. Shall expect you Saturday or Monday without fail. Good night every one in the house are somnolent but me, tis very late.
Your Affectionate friend, Alice
Tis all this solid paper I've got & I'm quite to sleepy to write on any other Good night once again
love or respects to the Docts. [sic] don't view this with a critics eye for I am really most asleep A.P.2

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

2 This letter was undated and has been assigned the date January 1, 1940 for classification purposes only.

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