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W0507 TO MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her mother Mrs. Catharine Lerned
Aug 1 1833 [estimated date]1
To: Margarette Lerned McQuesten Brockport, New York
From: Hopkinton, New Hampshire

My dear daughter,

Happy was I to hear once more from you and yours had you seen the joy that pervaded every one when your packet was opened you would have been amply paid for your welcome favours2 although Edward was absent yet he has abundantly espoused his love and gratitude for your kind remembrance of him, I miss Edward much although my health is better yet it is not good I am still feeble walking and want of appetite seem now to be my only complaint, I do wish your good Husband was near that I could consult him and that my daughter could come in and see her unworthy mother come do come and see me I have very many things that I want to say to you.

I wish Catherine could get a school with you or near you I know she is well qualified and very much attends for the better she attends all prayer meetings and appears quite engaged in them takes the lead in singing and we have many happy evenings reading & singing Lucy & Eve[?] are going to make good singers I think Edward tolerable should you not like to be with us I know you would I think much of Louisa taking so long going at this time but I hope and trust that it will all be for the best I am heartily glad that they are going from Sandbornton I never did like the place.

May's family are all well saw her today her little boy grows finely. Mrs. Towne wishes you to write very particularly respecting Mr. Berrys family as she feels such for her sister and children she sends a few things by my request I [suppose?] that they would be acceptable and trust they will. Ham [Hamilton] has a beautiful daughter a very promising child Hannah appears to be the Mother, takes all the care of her I think they would all miss H. were she to leave them for the West as is sometimes talked of.

Do my dear child write every opportunity you know not how much comfort I take in reading over your kind letters letters of love I feel that they truly are ok for a thankful heart, my children are all in good health and my own improving pray for me my daughter that I may be truly thankful in heart for the many blessings with which I am surrounded remember me affectionately to your husband and accept the few links from your loving Mother

PS I did not intend to write you in haste but I have had company all this week and I have intended to write to you but this eve my hand trembles and my eyes are very weak I can get no glass but what gives me pain after a little while, the pastor must go up to Mr. Dustin's tonight and all are ready but myself so goodby my Dear daughter.

1 We have estimated the date of the letter on the basis of the context. No harsh weather has been mentioned and no greeting has been sent to children, only to "husband," which is Dr. Calvin McQuesten. Margarette had her first child in August of 1834, Calvin Jr., who lived only ten days. To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

2 This letter was written almost entirely without punctuation. It has been transcribed as faithfully as possible to the original. Some paragraph divisions have been added.

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