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W0503 TO MRS. MARGARETTE LERNED MCQUESTEN from her friend Sarah Platt.
Jan 1 1900
To: Mrs. Margarette McQuesten
From: Sarah Platt Heaton New York

Hector Tompkins Co., March 22
Dear Mrs. McQuesten,

Although we have no personal acquaintance, yet you have kindly favoured us with letters which I with a multiplicity of my cares have neglected to answer. Indeed I write scarcely any letters but to family friends and to those but seldom. Our family now consists of 6 daughters the youngest 6 months old. I have for the most part attended to my domestic concerns myself, with but little help and do at present with the assistance of my little girls nights, and mornings, of course you know my leisure hours are few. We have moved into a new society since you heard from us as you will se by the superscription, which is one inducement for me to write at present that you might know where to find use if you take the trouble to communicate with us. We came here last Nov. husband has not been installed pastor and do not know as he wil think it best to be, as his lungs are so weak he may not be able to endure preaching steadily a great while. We are however better pleased with our situation and prospects than we were in Fayette. There is more piety and strength in the church more union and intelligence. They are a plain, kind, affectionate country people. The church numbers about 80. We have a very comfortable parsonage situated near church, and a pleasant view of Seneca Lake. We are almost at the head of it on the east side. Steam boats pass back and forth from Geneva, which can be seen from here, a distance of twenty miles or more. I thought when in Fayette I should sometime see you but we seem to get farther apart for the present. Sister Preston visisted me last summer, as you many have been informed by Mr. Fisher who went out in company with her to Scenectady. I lately had a letter from her, she is well with her family which consists of 3 sons and a daughter, with husband.

I have heard nothing from New Hampshire since husband was at Brockport, am very anxious to hear from them and was about to write, and the thought occurred to me that they might have left Hopkinton, and I would write to you first and ascertain. I wish therefore you would write soon and let us know the particulars of their situation if you know them, as I suppose brother is something embarrassed from what the Dr. told husband last spring. Sister Caroline spend the winter in Galway teaching and is now returned home. Should be pleased to know how you prosper both in a wordly and a [?] religious point of view. There is some increased attention in this region, but nothing to what we need, the salt has lots its savour in a great measure. Please remember us affectionately to your husband.

And believe me your friend,
Sarah Platt

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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