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[written upside down at top of page:] I am sorry you are lame. Hope the children will be active should like to test their [?]

[written at side of letter:] I am glad you did not pay postage to your letter. No sense guessing about yr. getting much for E. unless you prefer to--I should have sent you a call [?] Mrs. S. but some work I had to do last week prevented it. If you are sick & lame you will not care.

[written on back of page:]I have heard E. say he wanted a receipt for Rose & wafer beskets [sic], he has forgotten now.

[envelope postmark:] Brockport N.Y. Jan. 31

[envelope address:] Mrs. Catherine S. Lerned, Hopkinton, N.H.

W0478 TO MRS. CATHARINE LERNED from her daughter Mrs. Margarette B. [Lerned] McQuesten.
Jan 31 1836 [estimated year]1 4 o'clock Saturday PM
To: Mrs. Catharine Lerned Hopkinton, New Hampshire
From: Brockport, New York

My dear Mother,

I always jump at an opportunity to say a word by way of letter writing to you. Husband has been writing this PM & I have been mending his flannel--You mentioned E. must be in want of feeting, but he does not need any more than he has got now, for this winter I have given him a large pair of stockings I knit before I was married & lined the heels to his old ones so they are all good now. I don't recollect as his white ones have been washed since he came & his blue ones but twice. He is economical for his new flannel is still new--& his claim is to wear his old clothes out first--He attended a large Donation Party at Mr. Patnam's Thurs. 28th. An house full of married & young--Tea, Cof. & various kinds of cakes & Tarts a plenty. Mr. P. recovered 100 cash beside more than that in presents--A grateful family you may depend--I have received two invitations to go in and eat cake, as I did not attend the party. Shall accept next week.

Husband & myself do not attend such large collections at all; it was very orderly & civil. The young people above & married in the parlour below. I think they had 70 or more managers, the committees to pour coffee & tea & introduce to the family strangers. Tell Louisa I had quite a little circle round my fire last eve. Mrs.& Mr. Chas. Sweat & some others.

When you have received this you have seen or heard by way of Mrs. Sandborn all the news, for she was going by way of H. We have snow a plenty we enjoy good health among and other blessings & comforts. I read yours and sister L's letter with much interest. I knew a little kind Mother must feel--E. thinks much of Hannah & says he means to write her a long letter. Ah how I should love to see my sweet sisters. I am now going to make E. some shirts against time of need--Love to Sister Mary & her family & Sister Louisa & her's. Nothing new by way of business matters--Adieu

Your Daughter in love,

Margarette [(Lerned) McQuesten]

1 This letter provides two dates, Saturday, January 31, and Thursday 28, but does not specify a year. According to the Calendar, these dates occurred in 1836, so we have dated the letter on that basis.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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