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W0474 TO MARGARETTE LERNED MCQUESTEN from her sister Mary Lerned.
Jan 1 1900
To: Mrs. Margarette Lerned McQuesten Sandborton Bridge New Hampshire
From: Mary Lerned Hopkinton New Hampshire

Hopkinton, March 22
Thursday Eve

My dear sister Margarette,

I dare say you are anxious to hear again from good old home. That name with which is associated the most pleasant and happy ideas of our life. Yes dear M- our childhood is past! We have left the house of our father and have become heads of families- What an important station. How idly do I supply it and how incapable I am of training my children in the way they should go. I am so deficient in doing my duty as respects them and everything else- that I feel at times, that my account must be great indeed to render to my God! The wily Serpent will coil round the heart and frustrate the bravest resolutions. I think generally my mind is in a different frame from what it formerly was, this I am fearful at times that I am as cold and distant as ever from anything which pertaineth to Religion and resolve not to seek it, that it is a pearl which is not to be found with me again my mind is exercised very differently. If I did but seek alright I should find. That the promise were extended to all. That Jesus was waiting to receive me if I would but accept of him. But what a stubborn heart we have to encounter with. How prone to evil. We cannot change it ourselves, nothing but the grace of God can effect this change- I have been into Mothers tonight she sends her love to all. She says you may have the cloth at what she gave excepting a pair of sheets for herself, she thinks it will make nice shirts. She said Hannah must be a good girl till Hugh comes over she will then expect her. Catherine is preparing to attend school at Concord, learns Music. She and Edward were in here this eve, send love and I said she should visit Sandborton this summer. M.A.S., has been making her a brown Calash. I took tea with Mother at Uncle Bimsley's yesterday had a very pleasant visit, have not been there for five years saw all of L's things did not think them so very "elegant" but all "pretty" and "nice". Joseph is going to N. York next week, after his return they will move. I called in to see written up. If Louisa has any [?] to share, she may send me some, we ate the side last of ours today, I noticed they did not love them very well.

Mrs Tyler's little daughter. She is very comfortable Miss [Joynes?] called here this afternoon, said Mrs. [Baruck?] Chase was quite sick had a severe turn of Colic last night. Elisa Little is not going to Boston [?] good [?] Widow Chase is confined to her room with [?] in the chest and bowels. Dr. Colby returned from Washington yesterday, Ames if failing fast. I understand Dr. Gregg has made the long talk of purchase have not he any particulars. Dr. Tyler seems to be active. Margarette Story has been very sick with a fever. He had a call yesterday found his patient alone and a child on the floor (I believe) he dressed the child and did all that was necessary. Mary Law was the girl you remember [?] the shingle weaver she lived there and he is the father he has a wife and children. Cate says Mrs. Berry is fixing to move to Nashua- in June. She has 7 new lace caps, a fluted cape, Turban, a double lace ruffle, square lace handkerchief, Lace Cuffs and Straps, a new white cambrick muslin dress with that flounce on she worked [?]. I spent the day with Aunt Chadwick last week she wants to see you all. I have also visited Miss Judkins and Mrs H. Chase with other company. Hannah inquired if your family and Mr L. Waseys were are intimate as formerly. She thought not by what Mary Stocker said and Charlotte wrote. She said she did not know why Governor Harvey is about moving home and Deacon Brown going to his farm again. He is in a melancholy situation rather deranged. He does not officiate as Deacon nor partake of the sacrament. He has an idea that the Church are not friendly to him. Caroline Currier is married to Alpha Currier and board outing Lowell. Widow Brown talks of moving to Lowell and keep a boarding house. Mary Stocker's husband has run off and left her. Tell Louisa I am glad she is so thoughtful about the fish "Better late than never"- As respects Mrs. Lanborn I have not mentioned the case to her knowing she would not leave town so long as she can get 4/6 here and she is in great demand. Neither do I wish her to think that I shall keep her and I shall if I have any one. I have some thoughts of getting along alone when the children go to school but I don't know if we shall take boards, if we can get them. At any rate I don't mention my plan to any one. If I did there would be enough after her and I fear I should loose her. She is good help and I shall keep her if I live. I know she would not go to Sandborton by what I have heard her say [?] living in town, near her children but should she live with me I will do my best to have her keep house for Louisa while she goes to N. York. Hugh may ask her when he comes. Daniel told me to keep her as long as she would stay and I don't know but it would be for years. I have not seen Charlotte since her return, have sent for her to visit but she was engaged.

Friday PM

I will now try to finish my letter if the children will keep away from the table long enough. Mrs. Curtis and Gilman have just gone out. Mother has got a [?] going Secretary 23 dollars. [?] castors 10 dollars and washstand 28. She feels very much disappointed respecting the land, thought she was to have the whole of it and you certainly said so, she said, and Mr. Dustin understood you so I told her you did not agree to give her any more than we did. If you don't give her the use of it. Mr. F. will expect it to carry on. He speaks very discouraging now about buying the old house tho' I hope it will go so long that we shall be able to purchase it. Mother is very anxious we should help to finish [blending] her house. She is very steady and behaves very well and pretty wants to see you all. Mr. [?] is going to paint and paper the chamber. Mrs. Moses Tyler has been dangerously sick. I saw Doct. Gregg go past today. Last week Mrs. Colby and Helen Chase. Major [?] Bailey's wife and Catherine B. were baptised in Mr. Broung mullpond Bradley Sargent met with a misfortune last Sabbath. His horse killed himself in Mr. Perkins' shed while the people were in meeting, dashed his skull [?] the oat trough. It was the one he bought of Mr. Flanders. He was [?] at 70 dollars. They will feel very poor. The academy flourishes [?]. There are between 30 and 40 scholars. Mrs. Stanley has 4 young ladies. One is a Miss Heartwell from Littleton Mass. Miss Robinson from Milleborough Mass. and two Miss [?] from Hillborough. Mrs. Whipple has a little son dangerously sick with Canker Rash. Her youngest child was christened Hannah Rowlston. The other Sabbath Mr. B. Molineux has been up and made quite a visit carried [?] to Gilford I don't know as I can think of many more news. Mr. Flanders started for Boston the Monday after you was here, was gone a week, got the Cash for his boxes is preparing another load to come in May. I believe I am writing up hill by looks of the letter. Mr. Harvey's best load of goods just went by and Mr. H. and wife in a wagon I never called on them in the Governor's seat. Mother Flanders has had an offer of marriage from a widower in Vermont quite a wealthy farmer, but I believe she did not accept. I shall expect you to make a long visit in warmer weather according to the Doctor's promise and make it your home with me. I was as much disappointed as you was in your not coming at our house. I rather concluded that if I had gone down in season you would have returned with me and spent the night tho' I did not think of it at the time till after you was gone for I thought that if you went to Mothers first you did not mean to make my visit till the next day and Daniel told me you was going to stay there and coming to our house to dinner the following day and when I went down I don't know as I asked you to spend the night with me but whenever I have thought of it I have had the impression you meant to come home with me provided you had an invitation but you must come here first, next time. Tell Louisa she must ride over and see us before she goes to N.Y. We have got some honey. William has it to sell he has gone to N.York. I have sent for a shawl. Did I leave a large ball of coarse thread at Sandborton? How do the wings sweeps? I shall be glad to hear from you all. Tell Hugh, Daniel did not like honey very well but after he bought it he was very fond of it. It is just 6 and the stage passing by so I shall be sending this tonight have been detained by company last eve and today or should have finished two hours ago. Mary E.T. Monday [?] called in to Mother's today all well. She was washing the front room floor. Emily washing both bringing her plants out of the cellar all alive and green, agreeable. Ebeneser would have been a year old next Sunday night- what savages Time makes in one year. Father was then lively and in good spirits eating Sponge Cake But now alas! Both have fled to the world of spirits.
"How good Mary is to write such a long letter"
Margarette will say tomorrow morning just as she is going to bed

[Address on envelope]
Mar 26
Hopkinton, N.H.

Mrs. Margarette B.L. McQuesten
Sandborton Bridge, N.H.

[Additional note on envelope]
Monday PM

A stormy day I am sleepy making a sheet. Minister Chase has a little Son born Saturday. Catherine does not expect to go to Concord till June. I heard today Doct. Gregg bought the house for $1600, will move in Wednesday. Doct. Colby will go in a few weeks. He has obligated himself (I heard) to take the house back for $1300 in one year, provided Doct. G. does not meet with success, Judge Grant has sold his house and is going to move in with Widow Colby for the present. If you have any dried apples at Sandborton I wish Hugh would bring me some. I have not had one this winter. Preceptor Colby has applied to Mr. T. Chandler for board. Your Louisa better write a note to Mrs. Sanborn to come and keep house while she journeys. It wont do for me to say a word she will think I want to get rid of her. Miss Coolidge is aquainted with [?] Story says she has never from her Husband had all her property taken before her Father died, is now very poor- lived with a Cousin in Lyndeborough had to sell a set of Combs at [?] for necessary article for herself and child. I was hardly good enough for her to speak to at school in Concord.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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