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W-MCP6-1.474 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. Norman V. Leslie
Sep 20 1918
To: [Whitehern]
From: France

My dear Tom,

Jean told me that you had cabled and also written me. Your cable or letter I have not received. I told you in a cable I sent you not to cable but to write me as I don't think a cable of that nature too good for privacy.

I have found out what I could about leave home to Canada. This is apparently difficult and is granted only on the most [extreme] grounds of financial and compassionate [?][?] These grounds are said to be made extraordinarily severe. Also these applications must be made to the [?], and that is Canada. The claims will there be investigated thoroughly. So will you find out my chances of getting leave this winter, on the grounds you can [put?] up, Mother and financial? These claims would have to be substantiated. Then let me know, and if you think it can be done, forward me a letter written on plain paper and worded properly about my affairs only. This letter will be to show here and I can also forward it with my application. The pursuant letter to me should come separately. Now this all boils down to this, I want three months leave this winter. Chances are said here to be very poor. If you can see our friend, you can find out if I can get it or not, and exactly the proper procedure to take. He is aware of our family affairs. I am anxious that this thing should be done properly, and I want a letter to show to Col. Rennie and if necessary to forward with my application. He has been very decent to me, and I want to come back to France at least as far as I know, I will want to. At the same time I have kept quiet about this though I did tell the Colonel I wanted leave this winter.

I have been an acting Lieut. Colonel. I might have to revert back to Major as my rank goes with my present job [?] Medicine. This however suits me [?] [?] for in the first place I did not want this rank, and kicked against it, and the rank of Major would suit my future plans far better. That is one thing I do not want touched or [spooked?] This all is some bother to you for which I am sorry, but still old lad, I know you won't mind, and you could find out my chances.


Awaiting your letters. I am your loving [?]

Norman V. Leslie

1 Following is a list of some of the letters (in our archive) from Dr. Norman Leslie to his friend Thomas Baker McQuesten about his war service in WWI from 1914 to 1918. The letters begin on the ship going over to England and continue through his service there and as surgeon in France in the trenches, which he describes graphically. For the full chronological list see:
Box 14-018
Box 14-040

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