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Shoreham Camp.

W-MCP6-1.464 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from J.A.S. Chisholm
Dec 16 1916

Dear Tom,

I noticed in the Can. Gaz. [Canadian Gazette] published at London, that Steel of Canada had declared a dividend of 4% on [?] payable 1 Jan. next to holders on record 16 Dec. I hope you have had my stock put in my name so that the dividend will come to me and not to go to prior holders. I also saw the stock had gone as high as $4 and I was then at 8%. There will be another 4% dividend next year making up 8% for the year, and the stock will [?] for the present on this side of 100. With the prospect of relief from the crops in the [?], I can afford to hold.

The war is not nearly ending yet, and opinion here is pessimistic of an end in 1917. I have been very busy getting ready for making first pay here, and completed it tonight. It will take a few days to clean up correspondence and put everything in good shape and then I will have it easier. The Battalion is getting a six day leave in three batches, the first starting tomorrow. I will take mine with the third batch after midmonth pay, and as I may have 8 days (Scotland and Ireland) I hope to spend Christmas elsewhere than in a cheerless hut.

Matters are developing with considerable speed. Some Officers and N.C.O's are already gone on special courses. 4 Officers will likely go to France soon, but possibly at first on training or [?]functional duty. [Messrs?] Parke, Morton, Little and Glassford. The Head Chap [section cut]1 [?] today from London--Stacy [section cut] [a]ppointee of Sir Sam & said there were [section cut] chaplains over here--particularly Meth[odists] [section cut] [?] enough Anglicans--The last batch [section cut][?] our [amen?] had no Anglicans at all [& regrettably??] three w'd [would] have to be ref'd to [?] & as our Chap'n [chaplain] plainly indicated that he did not care to serve otherwise than with his own [?], his take is fairly in evidence. I will wait on Gen. [J.C.?] MacDougall -- G.O.C. Canadians, Brighton area next week taken. I will have a talk & present my letter of introd'n for Logie & when I go to London I will do likewise & present a letter to the Chief Paym'r [paymaster] for Col. Forbes [?] of 2nd [?] at Toronto. If Roger comes over I ought to have no trouble to arrange [walker?] as there is sure to be a break up. A med. inspec'n the other day separated the very young, under 20, & the older men--over 40--from the officers. Only men between those ages are sent across in the winter. Every branch there is overloaded with officers. It is a crying scandal they trouble over each other in accomplishing nothing or very little. I saw report in [?] today of inquest on J.M. Meredith--looks as if he had been boozing heavily. Have noticed deaths of quite a few Ham. [Hamilton] men. Has Bobby R. got my address? His public'ns are coming thro' Army [H.O.??] but dreadfully late. Hope all well at office & also with you. Kind regards to y'r mother & sisters.

Jas. Chisholm.

1 A small section at the side of page 3 has been cut out and so some lines are missing several words each. We have continued transcribing the letter as best as possible.

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