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173 Canadian Highlanders,
Shoreham Camp, Sussex

W-MCP6-1.463 TO THOMAS B.MCQUESTEN from James Chisholm
Dec 7 1916

Dear Tom,

I received a letter from my sister tonight in which she spoke of the $600 deficit caused partly by the new furnace in the Church. I hope the deficit will be made up and was quite prepared to hear there would be one of considerable dimensions. It no doubt is partly due to the fact that subscriptions by envelope have fallen off owing to the war. Some effort will have to be made to have these subscriptions paid, as their failure is due partly to carelessness and not intentional. We must try to keep our heads above water for a year or two longer as there will be something doing after the war.

I want to subscribe $100 towards the deficit if there is anything to pay it out of. That Steel of Can[ada] dividend ought to come in handy for this, and my subscription to Missions which will be for this year, $200. as I promised C.W.G. an extra $100. Don't forget the office staff Christmas presents of one weeks salary each, and I want you to take a months salary yourself for a Christmas box as a slight present acknowledgement of your faithful holding of the fort under the present trying circumstances.

I called on General W. Dougall, G.O.C. Brighton area yesterday with a letter of introduction from Logie. He made it quite clear that the 173rd would not go to the front as a unit and said there would be no trouble in my getting back if I wanted to as there were lots of available paymasters. We are likely to be made a Reserve Battalion, and I will await some such action as this before setting the wheels in motion. I go to H.Q. at London on 19th for two days, then on an eight days leave, as I will go to Scotland, and thus get 2 days more than the usual leave of 6 days. When in London I will speak to Ward Chief Paymaster Canadians to whom I have a letter of introduction from Colonel Forbes Div. Paymaster 2nd Division. I also have a letter from Logie to General Carson, but General Turner is now G.O.C Canadians at London and things are upset thro' the changes at Ottawa.

I noticed the death of an old boy on Main St. E., have forgotten his name .I drew his will, his daughter is [executor?], name begins with M I think. Miss A will remember her. Did you prove the will? Heard also of J.W. Sutherland's death. Remember the name now--[?] Saw also that a By-law of Brantford prohibiting whistling and ringing of bells by engines within the municipality had been upheld on appeal to the [?] This ought to help the Church. Have lost track of the price of flax as it is not quoted in the English papers. Hope it is well on the way to $3.00 by this time. My nephew should be hauling wheat by this time. I see that it is moving up and down around $2.00 at W'peg. [Winnipeg]. I have not written to him yet, but will do so tomorrow so that it will reach him about Christmas.

Best wishes for the future season to Mrs McQuesten and the family. Kind regards to the staff.

Yours sincerely,
J.A.S. Chisholm

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