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W-MCP6-1.456 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. Norman Leslie.
Jan 29 1915
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten
From: Boulogne Base France

Boulogne Base

Jan 29 1915
Cher T.B.

When this reaches you, it will no doubt reach a shadow or mere figment of your blessed self. Such will be the powerful influence of squash. I am training now for my game with you, walking and taking a Continental breakfast i.e. a soup bowl full of coffee and an elongated club like roll. That is all. You get used to it and like it 'tho I must say my heart yearns now and then for the flesh pots. But must here [pause?]. The reason for this letter is to thank you for the cigarettes which have just arrived. They are delightful and are put away by the prudent Cliff (my servant), he says the others can smoke their own. Wise man.

Things are much the same here. We are in comfort solid & substantial, spiritual and physical with little work to do, but the work is now increasing if just a little, and [soon?] we will be very busy I think. The wet weather has improved much, so that it is really delightful, brisk and sunny most of the time. Yesterday in the morning we had snow which made us all as [?] and sick that is as [??]. It was [??] with the improvement in the weather [???] big guns [???]. They make you rather excited, and [???].

At first we worried when we left home whether we would be taken, then whether we would get a good berth etc. now we take what comes and are happy. We [???] to three senior men [???] coming to France, another howled when he got here didn't get [even?] enough to do and made a perfect ass of himself and at last got another job. His [hand?] is Col. Scott. We are glad he is gone. [Another?] Goldsmith a decent man has all the starch taken out of him. He worries whether the hospital No. 2 General will be [???]. So poor Gerry Goldsmith goes around [wailing?] bothering every one and gets no sympathy.
[The rest of this letter is illegible].

1 Following is a list of some of the letters (in the Whitehern Archive) from Dr. Norman Leslie to his friend Thomas Baker McQuesten about his war service in WWI from 1914 to 1918. The letters begin on the ship going over to England and continue through his service there and as surgeon in France in the trenches, which he describes graphically. For the full chronological list see:
Box 14-018
Box 14-040
W-MCP7-1.099 This letter is an indication that McQuesten was arranging for a job for Dr. Norman Leslie at Niagara.

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