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W-MCP6-1.416 TO [DR. H.G. ARNOTT] from A. G. Austin
Aug 23 1910 Aug. 23 1910
To: Dr. H.G. Arnott Calgary, Alberta
From: [?]

My Dear Doctor,

Your letter re Arizona climate etc. just to hand.1 The only place to consider in Arizona is Phoenix I understand. It is a nice little city with a very low altitude and a very warm winter. I should imagine a very pleasant place to spend a winter. Possibly a little too warm for any lung weakness and a little enervating. Tuscon is smaller and not too good accommodations.

So many cases of T.B. go to Phoenix that I should advise care in selections of rooms, and disinfection would not be amiss in any of those cities in the south west. Albuquerque New Mexico has a bright bracing winter, but not very tropical. On account of altitude they have some weather that is quite wintry, no snow of course. It is a nice town with good accommodations. El Paso 3000ft. is a pleasant dry winter climate especially if one has a south front porch to sit out on as there is a cold wind from the north on a good many days during the winter. Dust storms are occasionally troublesome. Rooms there and Albuquerque rooms $10-$20 a month, board $25 to $35. I got it comfortable style at $10 and $25 respectively. One can make arrangements for light house keeping rooms by looking round a few days in both places, not quite so easily, however as in California. El Paso has street cars and is about 40,000 I guess and always has something of interest on [deck?]. San Antonio Texas is a very attractive city of 70,000. Winter cold but not enervating, altitude about 1000. They have some drizzling rain that is not very pleasant, but on the whole it is a good winter climate. Good accommodations of all sorts. I was on a ranch about 20 miles out the first winter south and I did splendidly. Mother enjoyed Jacksonville Florida (60,000) best. It is a lovely winter, but a little damp I guess for lung affections. We liked Riverside best in California, as it is away from the ocean some 80 miles and 1000 altitude. They have considerable wet weather however, and heavy dew at night. In El Paso one needs some grate or other fire in the evening, and during the cold spells. When an occasional dust storm comes on, one is best in-doors.

By writing Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in these places one can secure useful information. Mother found Atlanta Georgia very disappointing in winter. I trust that above may be of interest to your patient. I always find it wise in those places to spend a week at the hotel before choosing rooms.

Carrie is just home from Vancouver and is quite well now. Mother is pretty well now. Ella is still at the coast. She finds it hard to sleep more that 3 or 4 hours as yet, even at sea level. The doctor says it is her nerves. She looks quite well.

The girls met an old patient of yours, a Mrs [Marsh?] in Vancouver, formerly of London. She swears by you, says you kept her in shape when she was sleepless. Her son it seems, was in California. We have tried several doctors with Ella, but so far she doesn't sleep. She had great difficulty sleeping here, and had some ptomaine poison, and it seems to have put her out. Glad to hear your family are all in such good shape.

With kind regards [?]

Yours sincerely,

A.G. Austin

1 Since this letter has made its way into the Whitehern archives, we can assume that it was given to the family by Ruby's doctor, likely Dr. Arnott who was caring for her. It is likely the letter mentioned in Dr. Arnott's letter W-MCP6-1.419 dated August 29, 1910.
For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.

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