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W-MCP6-1.415 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from Jessie D. Stafford
Aug 22 1910
To: [Gravenhurst, Ontario]
From: 1028 Virginia Street Toledo, Ohio


My dear Mrs. McQuesten,

My husband has asked me to answer your letter which came a few days ago while he was out of town. I was very glad to do this especially as the enquiry came through Mr. Coleman, a friend of my parents and of mine. We are posting you a booklet descriptive of our place, Desert Inn six miles from Phoenix, Arizona.1 I think a careful reading of the booklet will give you a thorough and adequate idea of the climate of the Salt River Valleys which we consider ideal for eight months in the year. The information it contains is exceedingly accurate--it was written by my brother and is the result of all our experience on the desert before we started the Inn.--It was here that we lived in our own house tent, and that my husband regained his health, worn out by the strain of practice here in Toledo. You will notice that our season is from October to June as the summers are too warm to be comfortable and beneficial.2 We shall return sometime in September and the Inn will be open the first of October.

As you will see from the prospectus, we have sixteen rooms in the Inn, and eighteen tent houses in the desert. I think the tent houses are usually considered more desirable than the rooms--though the rate is the same for both.

There are no nurses provided by the Inn, and we do not take fever cases such as you describe your daughter's to be unless the patient has a relative--such as you suggest--to take care of her. Under those conditions we are glad to take such cases. The rate for both your daughter and her sister (or nurse) would be $30.00 a week for board and two connecting rooms, or a double tent house.3

As our capacity is limited, it would be wise to make reservations as soon as possible should you decide to come to us. Believe me, I shall be very glad to answer any further questions, and that I trust you will find this letter satisfactory.

Yours sincerely,

Jessie D. Stafford, (Mrs. Frederick A. Stafford)

1 Mary discusses Stafford's "Desert Inn," letter with Tom in W-MCP6-1.417. For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.

2 The season beginning in October at the desert Inn would be alright for Ruby, however, she has said that she would prefer to go to the Hamilton mountain W-MCP6-1.395.

3 This is an important record of the cost of an Arizona convalescence in 1910.

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