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W-MCP6-1.410 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her son, Rev. Calvin McQuesten
Sep 13 1910 Wednesday,
To: Mary Baker McQuesten Gravenhurst, Ontario
From: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

My dearest mother,

As I did not get my mail on Saturday it was yesterday before I received your fine long letter of July 2, telling about Ruby being able to sit up sometime1 & of Tom's [perspiring?] arrival loaded with all kinds of good things.

It is very sad, though about poor old Mr. Graham, I hope it may not be so serious as it seems. I saw in the Globe about George Hope & also about the auto accident, but did not know what Hobsons they were.

The May Westminster reached me last week & I see another one in yesterday's mail. Thank you very much for them & also for the British Weekly which arrives regularly & I find most interesting.

Robertson Godell is certainly a man of wonderful versatility & has a great grasp of things.

Did I tell you in my last letter that when I was in Sakatoon I had tea with Mr. & Mrs. James Henning with whom I was billeted last year & met a sister-in-law, Mr. Andrew Henning who used to live in Peter's old house at the corner of our garden before he was married. Her name was Foukay--at least that was the way it was pronounced.

There was a hail-storm on Wednesday before I got back and when I reached home I found things in sad state, my crop nearly finished, my garden pounded into the ground, a pane of glass in my shack broken, and the tar paper on the outside looking as if it had been stormed with shot guns. However, the drenching rain that came with it was just what the new breaking on my place needed & will do more good to my crop next year than it did damage to the little I had this year. Some of my neighbours unfortunately suffered pretty heavily.

In the notice I saw of Lorna Culham's wedding it said Jas. Slater "of Winnipeg." Does that mean they are going to live in Winnipeg & not Regina?

This afternoon I am going over to Harris a town about 12 miles from here to a Sunday School Institute which Rev. J.C. Robertson is to conduct. Our missionary of here has given up the work, & I thought the Church should be represented in some way.

Will close now with best love to all,

Your affectionate son,


1 Mary has gone to Gravenhurst to stay with Ruby who is in a cottage near the sanatorium and being treated for the "Con" (Consumption, later known as Tuberculosis). For more on Ruby and her illness, see W6135. Also for her biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page and then on Ruby's picture.

2 Calvin had taken a homestead near near Glenhurst. He was very optimistic about his crop until this hail storm, see, W-MCP6-1.408. See also, W8239, W8944, W7808, also for a biographical sketch for Calvin, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then click on Calvin's picture.

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