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W-MCP6-1.402 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary B. McQuesten
Sep 27 1910 Tuesday [date estimated]
To: Thomas B. McQuesten Whitehern Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst.

My dearest Tom,

Your letter came safely yesterday with the enclosure. Mary wrote little Mrs. Tyner, and heard from her that her sister Janet who was at the Copps, gave up the tailoring and went to Mrs. Lyle, but the other sister wrote her, [she?] would like to come to the city for a while. So Mrs. T. had written her to write immediately when she would come. We are hoping so much she will come, as I like those girls.1 Then we are planning where to put a girl. Edna will give up her little room, but I think we had almost better keep that for Cal, as he may be home a good deal, and let her sleep in the little room off bath-room, and make the little room off kitchen nicer. It should not cost much to paper with a cheap paper the walls and ceiling, give it coat of paint and paint the floor. There is a bureau there and I could find a looking glass, and she could keep her clothes there. I wonder if you could get Joe Ross first to do that room up right away with a light wallpaper. It will take time for paint to dry. I do not know how you are to manage to get Rachel there to wash the paint and floor before it is painted. I wonder if Robertson or his wife could help you out. Hope the men will not be careless about our kitchen floor.

Then we are all wondering about that mountain house. The floor would not be hard-wood in Ruby's rooms probably, and if not it would need to be painted too, or stained. You could consult Ross. H. thinks staining does not take so long, and you do not have to fold up the [?] I suppose Mr. C. [Mr. C. Chisholm] has not heard a word from the tenants yet.

We shall all stay here this week; but next week think I must come and find my way very politely into the cottage. You see the 15th [of October] comes on a Saturday.2 It is most awkward their month expires not a little sooner (tho' we should be all most thankful to get it even then), as ours expires here same day, and I would scarcely be able to bring R. down the day the tenant moved out, but I am hoping nothing much will be wanting in the cottage. I thought perhaps if I could see the woman of the cottage to oblige, she might get out a few days sooner; if they have found a house, but I suppose there is nothing for it, but to make up our minds to stay a few days after the 15th. The trouble is if I came down to stay, Mary would need to come too and I would bring Edna, but tho' R. never minds being left alone with other people [I seem?] to think we should never leave her and H. could not get out for supplies. So after all, perhaps E. and I have to come ourselves. In any case, we have decided that would be more use to H. in getting things ready the morning R. leaves. Then you could be [sent?] if she came with me, would have to return here. Jack Stevenson has offered his services at Toronto, or you could meet them there.

The weather is the uncertain quantity. Have been having not too cold weather for R. to be outside, almost summer this morning, but now blowing and very cold.--

Ross's papering of little bed-room might be done before you send for Ruby. I will let you know when we hear from Mrs. Tyner.

Heard from Nellie James today. Friends in China supplemented Janie's passage money from C.I.M. by $550, and [?] her to take long sea voyage home by India. [?] sea A.1. cabin and consult a noted man in England who has cured such cases as Janie's.--well I must close dearie. R. sleeping well, and no high fever.3Your loving mother,

Mary B. McQuesten

1 This is likely a servant.

2 It appears that the lease on the cottage that the family rented for Ruby on the Hamilton Mountain will not be begin until the 15th of October, and also that they are expected to be out of the house in Gravenhurst at the same time. According to letter Box 12-482, the tenants agreed to be out by the beginning of October and in Box 12-478, dated October 15, 1910, Mary states that Ruby is now in the cottage.
It was obviously an onerous task for Mary to make all the arrangments and plan the renovations too.

3 For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.

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