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W-MCP6-1.398 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 26 1910 July 26, 1910 [date estimated] Tuesday,
To: Thomas B. McQuesten Whitehern. Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst, Ontario

Dearest Tom,

I hope not to burden you with things, but would be much obliged if you could bring up a piece of brown and white striped gingham which is in the sitting room sideboard, then will you please look in the first drawer of my ward-robe, for a new pair of woollen soles, they will be in a paste-board case if I have them at all, look if they are no. 5, if so, do not bring them but get Jeanie to get you a pair of no. 4 soles for bedroom slippers. They [ask/look?] about [?] is getting some wool, if you would please pay her and when Miss Gansby brings rent, please bring it with you, do not deposit.

There is nothing else, I would like but a spring chicken, we get all the vegetables fresh from the garden. We get berries too and peaches which R. specially likes for her breakfast.1 It will be lovely to have you here. 2

It was very windy and cool, and threatened rain yesterday, so girls did not go on excursion. Do you think it safe to come by G T R? Had you not better come the other way if you would say so, the girls can row over to wharf on Saturday night, and if you do not come will go on Monday again.

If you get time take another look in my little top drawer for that list of mortgages and telephone Mack 3 if [ink blot?]. Is there a food called called [Sarratogus?], if so tell him to send you it, and charge to me.

With much love dearie,

Your loving mother, M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Isa Black came on Saturday. She came by CPR to Bala. It leaves Toronto at 12.15 & gets to Bala at 3.30. The boat left at once but at Beaumaris you wait an hour for another boat reaching here by about 7.30 bus meets the boat.

1 Mary and her daughters are staying in Gravenhurst to look after Ruby who is being treated for truberculosis. For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.

2 Tom visited Gravenhurst in early August although the precise date is not certain, see Box 12-405 dated August 5, 1910.

3 Mack (or sometimes Mac) possibly refers to Tom's uncle Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, the half-brother of Mary's late husband Isaac. He had spent most of his adult life in New York, but apparently for the last two or three years of his life he lived in Hamilton until his death in 1912. Or the "Mack" might refer to a bank employee.

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