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W-MCP6-1.395 TO THOMAS B MCQUESTEN from his mother Mary B. McQuesten
Aug 18 1910 Thursday Eve., Aug. 18, 1910
To: Thomas B. McQuesten Whitehern. Hamilton, Ontario
From: Gravenhurst, Ontario

Dearest Tom,

I am afraid I am late with this letter for we do not need to go to town in the morning, so may not get it posted. As to the taxes. I can easily make up the $20.82, there is an interest due in Sept, besides the stable rent; if you cannot find that mortgage list when you look again in my drawer, (it was in an old envelope). You must get Miss Archibald to make me out another. The Sept. tax payment is a large one, if you pay balance of $147.76, I'm afraid it will leave you very short, so perhaps the office can just pay some of that and there is the Dickson money coming in beginning of October. I think to meet it I would like to pay off the Donaldson Patterson and Watkins. A bill from latter came, found it is $28, odd, they do not press me, but would just like to pay it, so when I get word from you of amount to my credit at Ham Prov. will pay them. Of course I could use what I intended for D & P to make up taxes and leave them till later, if you think best.1

Poor Ruby had finally to go through the Calomel ordeal yesterday before she could finally get her fever [down] and is feeling better today.2--Early this morning had thunderstorm and torrents of rain, so that the verandah leaked all over.

To-night is turning very cold, this afternoon Edna and I walked to the village, and as we came back, right on the path near Miss [Harvey?] found an egg, a hen must have laid it, for it was not cracked even; this amused Edna greatly.

To-day had a lovely Spring chicken for R. and think we shall be able always to get them. When you see Mrs. Mullin, tell her I am still waiting for a description of that baby.--

The soda water people have been labouring under difficulties; the man who understood the machinery and always attended to the charging died suddenly of apoplexy, then they got a man, who turned out a hard drinker and only stayed two days, so they were experimenting when they brought the last and not sure of it.

I also forgot to get the British Weekly posted to you to-day, but hope if posted in the morning it will reach you on Saturday. Then let Mrs. [Da?] have it. With much love dearie.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Mr. Logie's letter said they have paid the taxes, so it can just stand till I catch up $100. Did I tell you in last letter R. said she felt like going to the Mountain, feels dismayed to go to Arizona, thinks time so short before hot weather comes and she would have to return.

1 This letter indicates that Mary is very much in control of the finances even thought she is in Gravenhurst looking after Ruby. Although Tom has graduated and is working as a lawyer in Hamilton, she continues to be in charge.

2 For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.
For more inforamtion on Calomel (mercury), a purgative, and the use of other medications such as Chlorodyne and Paragoric, see W2469, W6374, W0410.

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