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W-MCP6-1.392 TO THOMAS B. MACQUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Sep 11 1912 Wednesday Evening
To: Thomas B. McQuesten Whitehern Hamilton, Ontario
From: The Manse Bracebridge, Ontario

Dearest Tom,

Received your letter and Hilda's with enclosure just before tea-time. As to the bath-room floor $7.00 does not seem a great deal to make the thing complete and I know the oil-cloth was beginning to wear. The only thing I do not like very much is to have a different one from the little room. Do you think it would look better to have the passage way the same as bathroom? No, I do not think it would. I rather like design in Cal's here, just the white blue block, you can get that in all colours, but Edna is pretty wise and thinks it would soil very quickly and shows the dirt, especially in a room we use so much as ours. Anyway I think it would be no use putting down the old oil-cloth, and it is not necessary to have both rooms alike.1

The weather has turned cool again, but do not know how long it may last. If Hilda can send me all I asked for in last letter, we may not come Monday.

Cal has got the cold now in the Larynx and has not slept for two nights with the troublesome cough. I had Dr. McIlmoyle in and abided by his treatment until 3 {5?] o'clock this morning when I gave Cal Paregoric & [Sepills] when he soon got to sleep. So to-night I shall try it at the first. It is quite a trial for Sunday is Communion and we must get some one to preach.2

Saw your name in paper to appear before Board of Control. 3

Had quite a good meeting this afternoon and think some impression was made. Edna changes her mind as to coming every day. I cannot say till I see how Cal gets along.

With much love to you both
Your loving Mother
M.B. McQuesten

1 This is an indication that the family now has some money for redecorating. Mary has had her trip out west and Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten died in Feb. 1912 and left her $36000. Also Tom is now working as a lawyer.

2 Mary's concern for Cal is likely influenced by the fact that Ruby had died of Tuberculosis in April, 1911. Paregoric is Opium, a popular remedy of the day. On Sept. 18, 1812, Mary writes to Mr. Naismith to inform him of Cal's illness and gives him some suggestions as to how Cal's congregations might be combined so as to lighten Cal's workload, (see W8792).

3 Thomas is beginning to enter politics in Hamilton at this point.

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