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W-MCP6-1.388 TO THOMAS B. MC.QUESTEN from his mother Mary Baker McQuesten
Jun 27 1910 Monday morning [date estimated by context]
To: Thomas B. McQuesten Whitehern, Ontario
From: Box 166, Gravenhurst, Ontario

Dearest Tom,

You had better enquire about the train time for I see there are changes on the Muskoka trains, one leaving Toronto at 12.15 I think and Hamilton at 10.45 for Muskoka Wharf, suppose it stops here too, and do not know if that takes place of old 1.30 train.

Suppose you are coming Thursday and Reding could fix the basket for you of the various things, chicken vegetables, especially the vegetables, strawberries he has a basket larger than ordinary fruit, and it would not be impeding. When you are coming to Muskoka he could send it down to Station for you.

There is a pink muslin runner in Mary's wardrobe, bring it if you can. I do not know if you manage to bring me some honey it is all in a big jam jar. Never mind if you can not. If Miss Gansby does not bring in the rent on Wednesday as I have asked her to do, I would need to bring up my balance.

Very warm yesterday, it seems to me this very steady warm weather, but the nights are comfortable here. Ruby's stomach is [working alright?] and I think she is doing much better. Seems very comfortable.1

Edna very well indeed, much improved. I'm writing Mr. Wade to send up something to the house. I am wanting just a little thing. Am sending the label for the darning cotton, get two or three of each, the black and the white. Think they are 3 for 10 cents, but not sure.

This is an ideal spot for R. and us too, only it is very dull for the girls, but it would not do to be any livelier for R. We get quite sufficient visitors for her.

With much love dearie,

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Cannot get cracked wheat. Please get 2 or 3 pounds of fine cracked wheat from Dunlops.

1 For more information on Ruby's illness, Consumption (tuberculosis), see W6135, and for Ruby's biographical sketch, click on "Family" on the Home Page, and then on her picture.

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