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[This letter was sent c/o Dr. Calvin McQuesten.]

W-MCP5-6.365 TO ISAAC B. MCQUESTEN from his cousin Mary McQuesten
Oct 23 1863
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Plymouth, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

My dear Cousin [Isaac]

Before I say one word as to why I have not written in reply, to your ever welcome letters let me exclaim you naughty boy! Didn't I see that stern face [?] opposite me at the [?] not to mention erring [?] and the likes. As to need any reminder? However, I was a gay wild girl probably in his estimation, and he thought it Duty forgive as such with true dignity. I forgive him, but not you. You mon cher could to make amends you must send me one of your self for I fear when Carrie [?] she will claim as now hers in Co. Isaac. I should have written you but for two reasons either of which you will consider good.

1st Mother has been very sick for five weeks, and for these Father also has been confined to his room, with a dreadful limb accident from hitting it with a [?]. He can not use it at all now, going on crutches from his chair to his bed. Now you know that sometime Carrie finds herself tho' willingly in the flowing hands of inextricable matrimony, and we of course are very busy. "When" do you say with all your accustomed enquiry? I must not tell her secrets, because if I do you will not dare entrust me with yours! That reason satisfies you does it not? I would tell you even [?] any could.

2nd I intended to have sent you the promised "watch case" minus the diamonds and pearls, but being so busy it is only commenced, and you must wait dear cous., for it will come sometime. Could I get at you Latest even, I should suggest to him, to [?] [?] enlist a mathematical [?]--in return for your present. Do study hard, and make a good scholar won't you? I can not write a [?] to night, but you know my mind.

You ask me if I "will think you when a wounded soldier?" Yes, mon cher ami, however foreign you heart and hand may be. However strange the vicissitudes of the future, and wherever your lot and mine may fall together in any or all circumstances I will do for you, all that a loving heart can do. Isn't that generous oh my British cousin? In earnest or in sport, I will say nothing of Politics. In all things I hope for the best.

Give my sincere love to your own Father. Many a kiss I send to you all--do the [?] give them to you? I suppose your mother is away. Also to the Mr. & Mrs. McKeand and Baby--your pet!

I am glad Dr. Ormiston is improving. I am an excellent nurse--you had better send him to N.H. if he will not keep still. I am quite skilled in the sisters of Ilium [ulucts?], opiates and bandages with all the accompaniments. I should like to see you all tonight. I can address you, a [?] [?] to Hamilton from your Father would be gladly obliged when circumstances favorable. I want you to make me a promise in my next--will you do it? Good night my dear cousin, for I must now go to a meeting for the Sabbath School churches.

We all send love. Pardon this for I am in haste and know like myself this will be well.

Sincerely yours,

Mary E. McQuesten

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