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[This letter was sent c/o Dr. Calvin McQuesten.]

W-MCP5-6.363 TO ISAAC B. MCQUESTEN from his cousin Mary
Jun 18 1864
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Plymouth, New Hampshire

My dear cousin Isaac,


[Page One:] I am sitting in the dining room at one end of the house for this is not [?] [?] while mother and father have gone to Wentworth to spend the week. Mother is [?] though not able to walk as far as the gate. You made quite a mistake in your former letter, [?] [?]

[Page Two, mostly illegible:] His health is not very good. You have no idea what a naughty girl sister is! She was even a very [?] girl when she came into our family two years since, having been a wanton for [?] years. The friends of her Fathers hoped that if put under good influences and taken from her Mother, a very bad woman, she might be reformed. But in her letter no word of her. Lately we have discovered that when out of our hearing she is kind, in a most extraordinary way [?] [?] about us, since everybody else.

[Page Three:] Her faculty for wholly inventing lines is very great. She acknowledges that she has no feeling, and likes to see people suffer in this. To one of my sensitive nature she looks fiendish. You know this Isaac I have said but little about her, for I have known she was one, you should be quashed firm. Her wickedness can become.

I received a letter from lovely Sadie Victor a few days ago, and she mentioned her illness or inability to walk. But did not name the cause. I hope she is fully recovered in this. Do let me tell you of a strange wind fall that came to me one day. In our country this wonderfully good land there is an Uncle Sam of great renown--whom the wide world fears. He knocks at [?] Pelman Gate and this mighty autocrat grips his hands, and his iron clad fists hasten to our shores with moneys of [?]. He touches the electric wire and dictates words so polite and wise that England's navies stop in their oars and hold back the mastiffs of doom. At home he is as good as great, and Kindly carries all over the land, little packages of [?] from a maiden to her betrothed, from a soldier to his wife, and you to me.

As which since, he [?] [?] a bundle from [?] that unknown shore. I knew it was as cold and [?] one, for it never could come from any other. It contained, now open, as [?] [?] [?] [?] or wink of loss--but a folded busy [?], frizzled thing that looked like a school girls touch and the [?] face of a woman whom I knew must have been the wife of some Canadian visitor--such one as I can image. Uncle Sam, [?] [?] [?] as I should decide much as I hate the dictum. Perhaps [?] looked in such a face, when he thought of his "lost Lenore" and wrote the "Rhyme" How then, lines.

[Balance of page four illegible.]

[Page Five:] [...] outdone by this worlds dissipations, but only [?] [?] manly with guilt. Isaac, do not disappoint us who love you will you? I suppose your garden of hope is hoed trustfully. Another came with the books for me. [?] I will turn from the pleasant occupation of nature to a note of Charity in another time. I am your loving cousin,

Very aff'ty

Mary E. McQuesten

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