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W-MCP5-6.343 TO [DR.] CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Lizzie R. French
Apr 27 1859
To: [Dr.] Calvin Brooks McQuesten, Meriden, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: Lancaster, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]

[Dear Calvin],

I suppose "cousin Calvin" will not expect an answer quite so soon--but as you requested me to write, so that the letter would reach you before you left Meriden, I thought best to be in season. I have about fifteen minutes to spare, this noon, and will devote just fourteen of--said minutes to you. I was going to say--but after the word "of"--there was some disturbance in the room, and I had to waste some of those precious minutes, in seeing what the trouble might be--and I must stop now until after school. Au Revoir.

P.M. 5 o'clock, I am just home from school and will try and make up those last minutes. I have refused an invite to walk with some of the young gents and ladies of the school, though, that is not much of a sacrifice for we walk almost every pleasant night after school. It is just the time to go roaming about, after the sweet hayflowers.

I was surprised to learn that your term closes so soon. Why could it not have kept a week or two longer, when I should have been in Nashua, where you went during your vacation--and should have received a visit from you, of course, and I hope, one from Mr. P.F. also. 'Tis too bad it should happen so, for I would like to see him very much, if he comes east.

My school has four weeks more to keep--then we have one week's vacation, and another turn of eight weeks before the summer vacation, which comes in August. I hope you will visit me then. I feel more vexed not to see Bill Fisher, than about you, for I know if you remain in these parts I shall be likely to see you soon again, but as he does not come on very often, I may not see him in a long time. The Fates seem to conspire against our meeting again.

I suppose it would do no good to invite you and he to make me a flying visit to Lancaster. It is only 44 miles from the great city of Boston, coming by way of Clinton Junction. I won't invite you, but will only say I should be most happy to see your faces. I will give you both an invite to visit me at Nashua four weeks hence, or any indefinite future time.

Write to me after you go to Boston (if you go) as I shall want to know what you are doing there. Lissie C. is probably satisfied by this time, with regard to letters. I'll send a scolding to her, by you, if she does not write me pretty soon.

The tea bell rings and I must close, as ever,

Your sincere friend,

Lizzie French

[Written on envelope:] L.R.F. Ans. 22/5/59

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