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W-MCP5-6.342 TO [DR.] CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Lizzie R. French
Apr 3 1859
To: [Dr.] Calvin Brooks McQuesten, Meriden, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: Lancaster, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]

Dear Calvin,

I suppose you have been expecting to hear from me for a long time, but my time has been so fully occupied, I could write but a few letters and yours was among the number laid aside to be answered at some "indefinite future time." That time seems to have come. Though it is so limited that it may make this a very short letter, but on the principle that "half a loaf is better than no bread," I suppose you will be thankful for even this.

I sent you a Circular a few days ago, of the Lan. Mansion School. The principal, Mr. Stubbins is also connected with an Academy--called the Lancaster Institute and is assisted by his brother, and a young lady of your acquaintance--by the name of French. I have been here these weeks, and like very much indeed,--if I continue to like, and to give satisfaction, I may spend the rest of my days teaching in this delightful place. We have a school numbering 55 pupils--and they form one of the pleasantest classes of scholars, I ever saw. My classes are Latin, French, Algebra, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography and Botany. I have quite enough to do to prepare my self for my classes, daily, as it is sometime since I have paid any attention to these branches. In French, I have three classes, one in the Method and two in Translation. Aside from my school duties I am reading Virgil--at home. So you may infer that I have very few idle hours. With the Mansion School I have nothing to do, though I usually pass my evenings in the school room, with the boys during study-hours from 7 to 9.

The present term will be eleven weeks--three of which have already passed, and if the others fly proportionately fast, the end of the term will soon be near. I fear you may [sic] What are your plans for the coming summer? Shall you remain at Meriden another term? If you return at the close of this term, I fear I shall not see you, when you come to Nashua. I am very desirous to know what you are going to do. Have you heard from home lately? I have not written to Lissie in a long time. I must write today. Do you correspond with John Kitchen, now? The last I heard from him he was away from Montreal. I heard this, Lissie Currier. I have rec'd nothing from him for some months & conclude he has forgotten the "Yankee girl." I am sorry to think so, for I thought much of him--as a friend--but "such is life." What news do you hear from Buffalo? from any of my friends, I mean? Are they not coming East this season? I thought perhaps they might, as they went West last summer. I should be very glad to see them again.

Are any of your father's family expecting to come East, this summer? If so, who? I must not write any more, for I must save some time for other friends. Write me as soon as you can and believe me,

Ever your true friend,

Lizzie R. French.

[Written at top of first page:] P.S. I forgot to mention the papers you sent to Nashua. They were forwarded, and I received them yesterday. That accident, was very shocking. I remember Mr. Braid, very well. Direct to "Care of Ross M.E. Stubbins, Lancaster, Mass.

[Written on envelope:] L.R.F. Ans. 23/4/59

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