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W-MCP5-6.329 TO [DR.] CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Eugene Tappan
May 22 1860
To: [Dr.] Calvin Brooks McQuesten, Meriden, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: East Marshfield, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]

My Dear Friend,

Did I write that in my letter to you? I remember I said you was courtly and (as I believe) that the (course of love never runs smooth), hence court plaster is good. Now, what evil wish can you pen out of this? You joke, perhaps.

You have commenced Cicero? Hope you will like him. Do I understand that you will stay & graduate next summer?

By the way, there has been a Teacher's Institute, this month at Newport--In your vacation? Did a party go? Do you know anything about it? Miss Powers kindly sent me a catalogue. I see Horace French's name in it.

I do intend to enter college this Fall--some college in this state, I think. I should like the being near you, but cannot. Doiley? No, I don't know anything about him so far as the last six months are concerned. Leonard told me (I think) that he had lately heard from Hall, (some several weeks ago) but I haven't though I ought to hear. All folks (alas!) are not as punctual as you & I are sometime.

Lincoln & Hamlin! I suppose it must be a strong ticket for the Democrats feel bad about it. You have seen the conundrum--ABRA[HAM LIN]COLN. They cannot help going together.1

I am engaged somewhat in horticultural pursuits, setting up (or down) bean poles, making beds for generations to come to repose in, applying geometry to planting corn & potatoes, fixing the flower garden, &c. Running [clor?]? When it becomes in any degree convenient. I will try to keep it in mind. Four to one! It will be--5 are better than 1. Very good if you have the reserved right to excuse all other males. What is going on in at Meriden? How are our good teachers?

Yours very truly,

Eugene Tappan

P.S. I find I have many ellipses, excuse. E.T.

[Note on envelope:] Ans. 1/6/60

1 Abraham Lincoln (1809-65). "On Tuesday, November 6th, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the sixteenth President of the United States, with Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891) of Maine as his Vice-President. The election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in 1860 is commonly viewed as the beginning of a chain of events that erupted into civil war in April 1861." William O. Scheeren ArticleView.cfm?AID=32 - 14k - 6 Nov 2003.
Lincoln was assassinated in 1965 by John Wilkes Booth.

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