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W-MCP5-6.327 TO [DR.] CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Eugene Tappan
Feb 21 1860
To: [Dr.] Calvin Brooks McQuesten, Meriden, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]
From: East Marshfield, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]

My Dear Friend,1

This is a letter from me, but the paper is some from friend Haynes; he gave it to me to write poetry on, but I have taken it out today to write prosy letters on. Haynes is slow though sure, I hope. I sent him 10 pages of ink sometime since, but haven't got even a receipt for it yet! But that is not singular for Hall out West hasn't answered my letter of some months ago. So Daily is in Glory. Wilson made out to let me know he has received my second letter and wrote an answer to both using three precious pages of nonsensical notes for the purpose! Well, I make others wait--even I. But school duties have really pressed me very hard and spoils my letter writing. Now I am free! I have been teaching 24 weeks. I shall teach no more this season. I am at home swallowing down the sweet fruits of living so near Dan'l Webster's and other Puritans.

I have commenced to sell books today. McClintock's narrative of the fate of Sir John Franklin.2 It is dull business. I have tried it before, but have had pretty good success today.

I am very glad to know that you will come to old Marshfield. We shall be very glad to see you once more. The fact is--I wish to see company much. I am tired of seeing no one. You must be sure not to disappoint us. And you must spend a long while here. Bring your trunk & all. I want to look at your books. Perhaps I told you in my other letter how to arrive here. Take cars at "[?] Colony Depot" Boston for Cohasset--thence in stage for E. Marshfield. We live 25 miles below Boston.

Ada is away just now on a visit to Mrs. John Janes, formerly Miss Lucretia Bixby. I am sorry for the troubles there have been in your class. I hope in my charity, they are errors of the head. I hope you are all loyal fellows at Meriden. When you come, I want to have a conversation with you about the utility of such arrangements as at Meriden. You may be sure we will have enough to talk about.

How very sudden is the news of our Farnsworth's death! I was much surprised. I was about to write him a letter, when I learned that he was dead. We shall go to him, but he shall not return to us.

Give my regards to all our friends.

Yours very truly,

Eugene Tappan

1 Calvin graduated in medicine in 1861 from Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire (Minnes 1). This letter is addressed to him at Meriden, about 20 km. from Hanover. (See also W-MCP5-6.328, W-MCP5-6.329, W-MCP5-6.330, W-MCP5-6.331, W-MCP5-6.337, W-MCP5-6.338, W-MCP5-6.340, W-MCP5-6.341, W-MCP5-6.340, W-MCP5-6.341, W-MCP5-6.342, W-MCP5-6.343, all dated 1859-61). Also his step-mother, Estimate R.E. Baldwin, his father's second wife, had been a teacher at Meriden in 1841, before she married Dr. Calvin McQuesten, (see W-MCP-5-6.334).

2 Sir Francis Leopold McClintock was a British arctic explorer who was assigned to his first arctic service in 1848 in search of the lost expedition of Sir John Franklin. McClintock eventually proved that Franklin had found the existence of the Northwest Passage before he perished. The account of McClintock's findings was published as The Voyage of the Fox in 1859 (CE).

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