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W-MCP5-6.305 TO ISAAC B. MCQUESTEN from his friend John Mitchell
Dec 1 1860
To: Isaac B. McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Toronto, Canada West

My dear Isaac!

I suppose you have been scolding me not a little for my neglect in not writing you for s long a time. But the fact is that I have been extremely busy ever since I was in Hamilton, not only during office hours, but also in the evenings. I am working very hard reading law every night till ever-so-late. I wouldn't like to tell you just when I go to bed, nor just when I get up either. I am afraid not even your celebrated alarm clock which you think so much of, would avail to awake me at a reasonable hour in the morning & would require you to come in and pull my nose, or tickle my chin, as you generally do when I am stopping with you. But at any rate I think I woke you last, and so I have not been to blame so much after all. I guess you're the guilty party after all, Isn't it so?

Calvin after a very long silence has at last replied to a letter I wrote him about a century ago more or less. He is quite well, seems to be getting along famously, and is in excellent spirits. He gave me a long a/c of some fun they had been having at school. He seems to like the school and his chums very much indeed. Do you ever hear from Willie McQ. now? They are having quite a lively time in Kansas. W.W. will be made a "man of war" in spite of his peaceful inclinations. He had some good skating on Wednesday evening on the River Don, to the East of the city. I did not go, being too busy, but several of our Clerks did, and they reported the ice very good indeed. Have you had any in Hamilton? I suppose not, as you are generally behind the rest of the World!

Do you ever see Bob Holmes now? Have you ever given him my precious umbrella which I left at your house? Bob promised to send to me at the first chance. I think I will enclose a short not to Charlie Murray, if you don't think it too much trouble to deliver it to him. Also one to Mrs. McQuesten, which you can easily deliver without trouble.--

I have no news from any of your Toronto friends. I called last week at Dr. Wilson's but didnt find any one in. Miss Gordon (the youngest) from Montreal is here just now. I was invited to a party at Mrs. Gordon's Tuesday evening, but unfortunately could not go. I am writing this in the office & am constantly interrupted by all sorts of things. I am afraid you wont be able to read my letter at all. If you can so just keep it till I come up and I shall be happy to translate it for you. When are you going to come down to see me? I, of course will be glad to have you make me a visit whenever you feel inclined. Has Lizzie gone yet? I suppose so, how dull you will all feel when she is away! Please write me soon. Give my love to your Ma and Pa & to Lizzie if she is still with you.

I am, as ever, yours,

John M. Mitchell

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