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W-MCP5-6.304 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his friend Walter Roper
Dec 19 1864
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada West [Ontario]
From: London, Canada West [Ontario]

My dear Ike,

Your long looked for and almost despaired of a letter dated 10 inst was received with much pleasure. Tho' short--at least rather--I can assure you it was all read with exceeding interest. You know when I saw you-uns [sic] that Sunday you promised to write the next Saturday; and here it has gone for nearly, I think, six months--or rather weeks--I know my dear fellow your time must now be well occupied without writing letters; still I do hope you will in future let me have the felicity of hearing from you a little oftener; for--as I have before expressed myself in previous letters--the pleasure I find in hearing from you is one of the greatest I have.

I hope to be in H. on the evening of the 20th of this month, and be again back here on the morn after 2nd Jany./65. So between those dates I expect to see you again and have a "jolly old" talk about those happy days gone by. Be sure and come to see me; I shall be in the house, I expect, a great portion of the time. How long are you going remain inst? [sic] Write again before I go and let me know some of your movements.

I expect by this time your old Tutor--Mr. Gibson--has taken to himself a fair damsel to be his bride. The G. who is in the Bank, is now in Montreal to be present at the ceremony.

I hope when we meet you will be able to give a most thrilling account of your "roasting." I should like to have been there, especially if there were any more doors to be smashed through.

I have been skating twice in our covered rink, which has an area of ice nearly if not quite as large the one inst. has. The last two or three days having been so mild skating has ceased, but it is freezing this evening I presume it will be all froze by tomorrow.

I was not aware of Drew's being in Toronto.

I should like vastly to be moved to where you live. You could then I suppose give me many introductions to young ladies. I think you are quite right in not "going in" too much at present for the company of young ladies, or in fact much of any kind, for it must take up a great deal of time and consequently deter you from making so much progress in your studies as you would otherwise. Remember I don't believe in a fellow in such an occupation as I am in keeping one [?] of forms [sic] good company--Ladies especially--for I am sure it does one a world of good. As yet I have not pushed my self forward as much as I intend to when I get a decent salary, for you know a chap must have a little money for clothes &c &c.

In the course of time I want your much esteemed advice on the subject of study. In the first place, Ike I want to strengthen my memory, and I suppose the best way to do that is to get things off by heart--Isn't it? Memory, I think, is the foundation of all learning--exception, of course to every rule, one of which you gave me when talking with you in Hamilton.

Could or would you take the trouble of trying to get from the Globe office one of the daily papers dated 1st October last, by trying you will much oblige me. I will now conclude with the hope and expectation of soon meeting you.

Believe me, Yours very sincerely,

Walter Roper

Com. Bank

London, C.W. [Canada West]

Let me hear from you soon

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