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W-MCP5-6.302 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from William McBride
Jan 1 1869 [approximate date]1
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, University College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Brownhelm, Ohio, [U.S.A.]

Dear Ike,

Here I am four hundred miles from home and as blue as a thunder cloud in the hot summers time--and abiding at present in one of the most miserable little villages; which it was ever my lot to come across, I mean the village of Brownhelm (situate 36 miles west of Cleveland), and I shall try and get out of it as soon as possible, if not sooner.

On my road hither I had to stop 6 hours in Buffalo, and while wandering around gazing at the sights, I arrived at Canal St., which I thought I would perambulate, and did, putting on as many yankee airs as I could. I had almost completed my survey of that classic locality when one of the nymphs who there do congregate hailed me thus L. Jack--when the following short dialogue took place:

Nymph--"Hallo stranger"
L.Jack--so so
Nymph--"I say Canada where are you bound for?"

I need scarcely inform you, my tulip, that "Canada" moved on from thence--nor did he return again.

As to my business in coming here, I cannot say as yet what my prospects are. I shall try and go to Cleveland in a few days and take a look round amongst the law offices and find out what the chances are--I understand they are not very bright however I will see for myself. Don't be surprised if you see me back in Toronto at any time, for I shall return at once, if I see that there is no object in staying here.

Before leaving Toronto I promised Bickford2 to enclose some papers to him relating to examinations but after a careful search for them I was unable to find them--please advise him of the fact.

Before you receive this--old firefly--you will be pegging away at exams--Go in Comet--perhaps I will be back in time to see you take your degree yet. Write soon and give all the news.

Your sincere friend

Wm McBride

[To] I.B. McQuesten Esq. Univ. Coll. Toronto

Address letter care of :
J.M. Worthington, Brownhelm, Ohio

1 The Microfilm Index lists the year of this letter as 1869. The date of Jan 1st has been assigned to this document for classification purposes, but the letter probably dates from spring or summer 1869.

2 Likely William Bickford (aka "Old Pill") who was a friend of Isaac's from law school. See W-MCP5-6.256 and footnote for more on Bickford.

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