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W-MCP5-6.280 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Mary E. McQuesten
Dec 29 1864
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Plymouth, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

My Dear Cousin,

I am truly delighted to receive a letter from you, a few days since, as indeed your cousin always is--I always give you good reasons for any fun [?]1 my lads, I think--are not you? If I seem not so faithful to you, I should do better by my other Canada friends. Lorain wrote me last Spr. and your dear Mother, Isaac time before that, and both are [?] so naughty boy do not call me "unsusceptible" to manly charms, any lawyer when you know such proofs of my affections for you. Your cousin Mary is very warm hearted, and I say [?] when Providence orders will bear her much, and submit to matrimonial chains with due grace.

You know what a disturbance slavery has caused in this good land of ours [?]--do you think I should be setting a patriotic example to cast out bondage though the fathers seem [?]. I left home shortly after I wrote you and am absent till the first of Nov., just had a splendid time. I spent "Thanksgiving" with Carrie and Charles and his [?]. Last week I spent with a friend of mine in short distance from here, where husband is a [?] in the [Army?]. She spent last winter with him in Memphis, [?] and her description of men and things are rare in the extreme. They had a great time this week which he carried off, nearly all the [?] [?] and gives me this account [?], I have [?] afflict with. Carrie is very well and happy. Mother is greatly [?] so if you will visit us now, you may make as much noise as you please.

When next I see you, I suppose you will be a dignified collegiate. I believe, every man cares to be gay and jovial, without wanting [?] [?] [?] while in folly. I do hope you will be pure in morals while in college. Your afterlife will greatly depend on habits certain [?] here. Have you broken [your?] promise to me?

I hope you will study hard and do just as you need such a person as your cousin would wish. Your Father will [?] you if you will. I send you my Photograph--do you like it? [?] the regard so you must be satisfied with the un[?]ness of the picture. Will you send me if you can find it--a picture of [?] [?] standing by H.R.H.--We cannot get it here and I think it a beautiful picture.

I have just finished reading the Lions of the [?] Georges. What a [?] of strange crafts.

I suppose you are at home, so I send this to Hamilton, so write me a real lady's letter, [?] of mens. [?] me if you [?] you [?] family and Mrs. McKeands.

I hope you will enjoy some of that delectable cider you wrote about. I should quite despair of entertaining you now knowing your high expectations. [?] so had our cider, which you even [?]! I think I will write you something quite interesting in my next if you answer me promptly. Of course you have no curiosity. You will not tell me of your summer doings. How come the Photo's--My paper 'though [?] you will notice a certain as [?] A good many girls will though little substantial ends. Give a great amount of love to you family from me. How I should like to see you all. [?] you with great pleasure. Write me soon and believe me to be ever your

Most affectionate

Cousin Mary [McQuesten]

1 This letter is very difficult to transcribe.

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