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W-MCP5-6.278 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousins Mary McQuesten and Jessie E. Wilson
Feb 4 1864
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Maiden Lane, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Toronto, Ontario

My profile [a photo was likely attached here]

My dear Isaac,

Jessie and I have been mourning that you were not with us this morning, it would be so pleasant to have some one to snow ball and torment generally--I've escorted Mr. Gibson to Toronto and gave him in charge of Mr. Fotheringham and his brother Goodwin, when we no longer felt as responsible for his conduct--and safety--Mrs. Wilson and Jessie met us at the Station--I've spent the evening quiet by talking, singing--looking at pictures and wondering what Isaac was doing--yesterday morning we all went to the Photographers, Jessie & [?], then your Brother, and I then for free we had a trio group--I was not in full cheer and greatly fear my stern visage will affect the effect--we are going into town on Saturday to look at them.

The house was full of callers in the afternoon--a Mrs. Milroy was here to pass the afternoon--a very pleasant elderly lady--Mr. Gibson dined and spent the evening--The Quaker-ess called on your Mother--and the last appearance was a divided success--Dr. & Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. Milroy were completely sold--I'll tell you all about it when I get home.

Today we intended to go to a grand wedding in Church but it storms and I think we shall spend the day quietly at home--Tomorrow evening we are going to a party somewhere--Saturday Mr. Gibson is to devote a little time to us--His department is "Osgoode Hall."

Your Mother is sick with a headache or else she would write--Sends love--Jessie and I are going to practice duets this evening. Let the anticipation of our speedy return cheer you in your loneliness and keep you from the rage of despair.

It is time for Dr. Wilson to go to the University and he is to take the letters to mail so I must close. I had no idea of writing so short a letter when I began--I hope you will allow yourself more time in replying.

My love to Uncle (?)--and the McKeands & Mr. Cumis--Now be sure and distribute it, for this letter is an expression of mine to you. A short farewell from, your much abused friend,


[Continued by Jessie E. Wilson:]

Toronto, Thursday Morning

My Dear Isaac,

I am sorry to say that Aunt Lizzie1 is suffering from a severe headache this morning & so cannot write you as she intended. Mary & I however will do our best to tell you what we are about. I hope you are enjoying the quiet time you must have flute practising &c, confess now Ikey that you would like to have us back to teaze [sic] you & put babies in your bed! But you will have a generous time for study & do work hard Isaac--you have so very many friends who will take an interest in your progress that you must not disappoint us.

I hope you will not consider this encroaching on Mary McQuesten's rights--that promised letter of hers has not yet made its appearance but I am sure she must have had her time pretty occupied with her sick mother. Have you received Carrie's carte yet?--I had mine taken yesterday morning. We persuaded your mother to have hers. We had also the famous trio, Aunt Lizzie sitting, with Mary standing behind while I like a modest girl, knelt beside Aunt Lizzie's placeth my hand in hers in a most loving fashion.

The artist pronounced your mother's "superb," told Mary that she looked as if she were having her teeth extracted & begged me not to look as if I were trying to see into the next house--We shall see them on Saturday, & judge for ourselves whether they are good or no.

J.W. Gibson came up to dinner last night, he missed you very much as I was obliged to go over to the enemy's side of the table & sit beside Mary & J.W. Gibson & this morning we have been regretting your absence as there is a splendid fall of snow, but unfortunately no one to snow ball--I hope you received my short billet-doux, & have attended to the directions therein as Aunt Lizzie cannot enjoy anything without the spectacles.

We had a visit from the Quaker lady last night, & would you believe it, she took tea, sat & talked with Papa & Mama some time, &left without their having the slightest idea who it was--Mama would scarcely believe us when we showed her that dress & cap, towards the end of the evening--You must tell Dr. Ormiston about his friend's sister Anna Lee. I am so glad we shall now be able to have some sleigh drives, although I do not think they could come up to our splendid excursions by moonlight in that fair city of yours.

Mary & I are going down to town this morning to see a very grand officer's wedding which is to come off in the Cathedral. Two Hamilton girls the Miss Geddes' have come down to be bridesmaids--Now you have so much spare time we shall expect very long answers--& that very soon too.

Best love to the Doctor I hope he is not lonely. We expect to see him down in Toronto before Aunt Lizzie leaves--but it so seldom we get her here, that we do not mean to let her away in a hurry if we can help it! Love to Lizzie McKeand we would so enjoy having her here now, but she must come down when Aunt returns.

Good morning to thee Friend Isaac from your aff'ate Cousin

Jessie E. Wilson

1 Likely, Elizabeth Fuller McQuesten, Dr. McQuesten's third wife.

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