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[This letter was sent c/o Dr. McQuesten.]

W-MCP5-6.277 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Carrie L. [McQuesten] Dole
Jan 27 1864
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West,
From: Haverhill, New Hampshire

My dear Isaac,

My first leisure moments for writing I dedicate to you. Can you not imagine yourself beside me in my new home while I tell you a little about the last few weeks? But first let me tell you how delighted I am with our beautiful presents--many, many, thanks for it, dear Isaac and your loving remembrance of me. I did not see it till I came home last week.

Mary wrote you an account of the wedding &c she said. We spent a week in N. York and Philadelphia--a week more in Hopkinton--and three more in other interesting cities. I enjoyed every [blank space] [?] photo--was not sorry to come [?] to my own "land-capped Granite Hills."

In Boston I met Jessie Wilson and her brother and was very sorry not to see more of them. If they are with you now, please give them my love and tell them that I intended calling on them that afternoon they left, but I was detained longer in the snow than I expected and was so tired when I got indoors I could not move out again possibly. I saw heaps of things modern and antiquarian. Living and extant--that would interest you, but even if you were beside me and I could talk to you "face to face," of my "bridal tour," I fear it would be a useless task--for news of something to amuse and bring into play your insatiable curiosity--wouldn't it be so!

Do you imagine I'll be such a "dreadful tease" when next you are under the "tormenting" necessity of spending an hour with me? Come and see me in my new home as soon as you can–say when next the grass grows green. I believe you have so promised. I have a little home of two large rooms in as pleasant a family as can be.

You should have seen a young lady blush when I recalled to her a certain past.--You see I have not quite laid aside my old weapons. I intended to have enclosed my photograph, but shall have to wait till next time. Where is Calvin's snaps? I have not heard from him since last September.

Isaac please give me one of your nice long letters very soon and let me know how you have been progressing with your "Deominie" as well as with Turner and [?]. I am going to be interrupted so must bid you good bye. My husband sends his love to his new cousins, and with much love, I am most truly,


Carrie L. [McQuesten] Dole

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