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W-MCP5-6.276 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Mary [McQuesten]
Jan 28 1865
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, [Hamilton, Canada West]
From: Haverhill, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Cousin,

I can visit you no pleasant news in one sense, yet in another this best perhaps I ought to say. Our Darling Carrie is taken from earth to Heaven. On the morning of Jan 4th, she gave birth to a beautiful boy, after a sickness of [fourteen?] hours. She had a comfortable time and no imperfect health. During the past season she has not been ill an hour but journeyed and enjoyed every thing as [?] [?]. She remained uncommonly well until Friday afternoon at two o'clock when a dreadful fever [?] like Scarlet. Then another set in and she died Monday evening at ½ past six o'clock.

Our dreadful sorrow is soothed by the remarkable evidence she had of the presence and graciousness of her Saviour. Sunday morning I felt she could not live. We had an abundance of medical advice but they said she could not live. The fever was so severe, it carried her like a strong man out of the world. She did not have her reason, but God granted it her in her last day, to our great, great relief. About nine o'clock Monday a.m. I went up to the bed and found she had her right mind. I said to her "darling you are very sick." "Shall I get well" said she. "No--I said, will you not." "Mary, shall I die?" "Yes dear, we think you will today." "Are you willing to [?] for Heaven?" I said to her. "Jesus has been calling you some time--you will soon see Him." Said she. "I did not think He would call me quite so soon--but I have trusted in him--His arms are under me." "I shall soon be at Heaven?" Then, she disposed of some of her things a pendant to all her near friends. Talked with us all–[?] Christians about her take herself and [?] all she could have had her mind not been disturbed.

Oh, Isaac 'tis delightful for a Christian to die. God does give dying grace. I have heard of such scenes, but never imagined anything like it. [?] you not [?] to lose my dear [?] cousin [??] in such intimacy with Jesus, that when He calls you will not be afraid? She lay dying all day. It was so sudden that her friends were terribly surprised for the first thing they heard of the change was, that Carrie was dying. All day on [one line illegible] and she would say, "kiss me--God, ye I am dying." Oh Isaac, as I lay with my arms round her, you can not imagine my feelings--Yet! I was comforted by the manifest person of Christ. I had learned from Him more than I knew before. She died without a gasp a struggle or a death rattle--Just like going to sleep. She made a [line illegible] and she was beautiful in death. [one line illegible] and such a treasure as she lay in death. [line illegible]. James Stephen for his grand father, named by Carrie. I have struggled to write this. Please show it to your mother when you have read it.

I'm dry, dry, affliction I am yours

Aff'ate cousin,


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