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W-MCP5-6.275 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Carrie L. McQuesten Dole
Apr 25 1864
To: Hamilton, Canada West
From: Haverhill, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

Dear Cousin Isaac,

I have come in from a long week and am very tired, but will commence a letter anyway to-night as I want to send you a photograph.

I have been waiting a long time for them, and they have just arrived. So this must explain any tardy reply to last welcome letter. I am glad to hear you are progressing so well in your home studies. Next fall I suppose, you will advance to University honors and bid "good-bye" to your boyish lessons under the tutor. Won't you want to visit the States again, as it comes summer?

What a pleasant time we had! I hope your sleep will be never less pleasant, than the last night at Plymouth.

The monotony of this quiet town has been broken by the Court, for the last five weeks. A murderer's trial occupied the last fortnight and as it is the fashion here for the ladies to attend, when there is anything very interesting--I found myself in the Courtroom nearly all the time, and enjoyed it as well as it could be though rather tedious. As you see I am more particularly interested in Law than ever before. In three weeks we go to Plymouth, while the Court is there. I haven't been home for eight weeks. Father is gone West now, so Mary is the head of the household. Mother is quite well for her.

In reading over your last nice long letter I feel ashamed to see the length of time that has elapsed between the date of that and this, but I [hope] the photograph will make amends. I see in your epistle there is an illusion something which I have said--that has teased you, but I really don't remember what I meant it is so long ago.

You must become a good flute player, for I admire flute music. I shall want you to accompany me on the piano, sometime perhaps. I don't know as I should have been much more surprised if I had had a visitor from the moon, when Calvin dropped in the other night followed by his "double," Darling. I was very glad to see him, and wouldn't object to having some such visitation from you sometime.

Are you fond of poetry? If so you will admire a new volume by Jean Ingelow--English--I believe. I've never read Hypatia. I have Hyperion. Do you play Backgammon ever? It has been a year since I saw you and I can imagine you grown a year older in knowledge and sobriety--dear Isaac, do strive to become a man in its true sense--honored and beloved by all--a name, which shall live--when its possessor lies beneath the sod. Only become what youth gives such promise of. And don't lose that cheerful disposition and tender loving care for others which is man's greatest charm. You won't care to have me prolong this, after this sober strain I fear, so I'll bid you goodby. I'd like to write more, but cannot now, and already this must be dull, for I've nothing new. Write me soon, please. My husband writes love with me.

Very affect'ly, your cousin

Carrie L. [McQuesten] Dole

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